Discover the new face of the Double Enghien beers. These regional beers have undergone a quality make-over thanks to a combination of design and tradition

Enghien has had a face-lift
After we refreshed the entire Silly and Forest Abbey ranges in 2017, it was the turn of the Enghien beers to have a make-over. We had been planning to upgrade the Enghien brand image and to bring it in line with the high quality of the beer to enhance its appeal to our customers for some time. We have now had a look at our labels. This spectacular transformation was started in 2015 in collaboration with an external partner: Ex Nihilo, the design agency owned by Luc Vandensteene. Based in Bergen (Mons), Ex Nihilo knows the beer world inside out. Amongst the craft beers from Silly Brewery, Enghien is the flagship beer. The name Enghien is synonymous with top-fermented regional beers made in Belgium.
History in a nutshell
Trenstedt Brewery Decroes d’Enghien was founded in 1880 and was taken by Brasserie of Silly in 1975. Double Enghien was initially a dark beer. Double Enghien Christmas was launched in 1986 and the strong blond winter beer Enghien Double Christmas (9%) first in the early 1990s.

Enghien, a small town with plenty of heritage The small town of Enghien (Edingen) lies in the agricultural region of Hainaut and has around 14,000 inhabitants. It was founded in the 11th century by Englebert, Lord of Enghien. The town has a coat of arms based on the insignia of Jean d’Enghien who held the office of Prince Bishop of Liege in the 13th century.
This is reflected in the new label of the Enghien beers, all of which proudly display these insignia. In 1512 the first carillon of Belgium was installed in the clock tower of the Saint-Nicholas church. This carillon boasts as many as 51 bells including the Mery bell, which alone weighs three tons. Enghien was the preferred country residence of the noble Luxembourg and Bourbon families. In 1607 the Dukes of Arenberg created a public garden in the center of this small town. Almost three hundred years later, Baron François Empain commissioned the building of a neo-classical castle in the same park.

Brotherhood of the Double Enghien
< The Brotherhood of DoubleEnghien was founded in 1984. This local 'brotherhood' organizes regular meetings and popular get-togethers. The members of this society are dedicated to the rich heritage of their city and the quality of the Enghien beers, not only in the Wallonia region, but far and wide. Their motto is "In Bono Promptus": do you know what is good? The Van der Haegen family, who have owned Brasserie de Silly for six generations, plays an active role in the Brotherhood of Double Enghien.

Tasting beers with plenty of flavor

The Enghien range includes three tasting beers: a blonde, a dark and a strong blonde winter beer. Enghien Blonde is a top-fermented beer with a 7.5% alcohol by volume. This beer is aromatic, bitter, tastes full in the mouth and produces a beautiful finish. Enghien Brune has an alcohol by volume of 8% and owes its unique aromas to its highly specific blend of malts. Finally, the generous Enghien Winter is an excellent remedy against the cold winter. This beer refreshes and warms you up at the same time and has a hint of bitter. From the first mouthful, your taste buds are won over by the stimulating keys of vanilla paired with peppery impressions.

Try these beers the way they should be tasted from the exclusive degustation glass commissioned by Brasserie de Silly. This glass resembles a tasting glass for a top-of-the-range wine, a Bordeaux or a burgundy for example. Open yourself up to the amazing taste sensations emanating from the glass when an Enghien first passes your lips.


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