Duvel Tripel Hop: six flavors, one winner

After 6 editions of innovative brewing and creating new Tripel Hop flavors, the time has come for Duvel to listen to you, the fans. The brewery therefore launches a blind tasting kit containing the six Duvel Tripel Hop editions ever brewed, made unrecognizable for an honest and pure taste experience. Taste, vote and decide which Duvel Tripel Hop will be permanently available from 2017.

Classic Duvel is brewed with two hops (Saaz-Saaz and Styrian Golding). Since 2007, the master brewers of Duvel have also selected a third hop variety, which creates a surprising and fascinating taste profile every time. The result is a unique Tripel Hop, which once a year, in the spring, complements the range of Duvel. The chosen hop for the 2016 edition is even so new that there is no name for it yet! Nine years and 6 editions later, the time has come for Duvel to listen to the people they are all about: the Duvel fans. Which Tripel Hop do they find the tastiest? Together with tens of thousands of other enthusiasts, the Duvel lover submits to the ultimate taste test and determines which Duvel Tripel Hop will be permanently released.

Tests are done with all our senses. In fact, we even taste even more than our senses, because the expectations that we have of a product when we see the label, for example, influence our taste. In the Duvel Tripel Hop Tasting Kit six Duvel Tripel Hop brews await you and to make the experience even more special, the bottles are made unrecognizable. Blind tasting pur sang! It’s up to you to taste the six varieties and carefully write down your taste findings. Which do you prefer? Spend your vote online at www.duveltripelhop.be. The biggest favorite will be brewed permanently from 2017 onwards.

TAST & amp; VOTE on www.duveltripelhop.be
Voting is possible until 12 June.

The tasting box is available in Belgium from 1 April 2016.

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