Employee Feature: Tony

“One thing I’ve been really trying to focus on in my own life and for other people is bringing the romance back to food. Like the idea of sitting down and eating a meal, slowing down, and really appreciating what you have”

Say hello to Tony, one of Aslan’s kitchen leads. You can usually find Tony working hard behind the scenes in the kitchen, slangin’ burgers and chatting happily with his coworkers. He’s been a solid cook on our line for just shy of 3 years now.

“My mom is a really good cook” says Tony, “I was always in the kitchen eating the food while it was being made, but I was never really cooking. I was never [under the impression] like ‘I’m gonna be a chef’ when I was a kid. I never thought that was gonna be a thing … When I was 18, I got a dishwashing job. After about 2 months the guy asked if I wanted to start cooking and I said ‘okay!’. Then I started doing it and I really liked it.”

Tony is known and praised for his positive attitude both in the workplace, and in life. He was nominated at our company picnic for his ability to stay cool under pressure and his contagious positivity. “[Tony] plays a pivotal role in harboring the [type of] work environment we strive for in the kitchen” states his lead manager, “He shows great care and love for his co-workers and Aslan Family around him.”

Not only is Tony a popular pick in the restaurant, but his mom is a bit of a local legend here as well. She just so happens to be the inspiration for one of our latest specials, Tony’s Lumpia.

Pictured above: Tony’s Lumpia

“What happened is one day my mom brought in Lumpia for everyone and the restaurant, and everyone was like ‘this is so delicious … we should put this on the menu’. Then my mom brought it in again and everyone was like ‘Okay. We’re doing this’.

Lumpia is a traditional Filipino dish or, as Tony describes it, “Filipino party food”. “You go to any filipino party and they’re gonna have lumpia” says Tony. While Lumpia was a seasonal special and is no longer available on the Aslan menu, we sure do love the story of how it got there.

When he’s not busy handling the heat in the kitchen, Tony can be found doing yoga, singing, writing (a lot), and —as many of us here at Aslan have been fortunate enough to have experienced first hand— dancing. Tony loves to dance.

What’s your favorite Aslan beer and food item?

“I love the Satan’s Airport but if I’m drinking a light beer, the Helles is my go to … and besides Tony’s Lumpia, I think this new Chicken Katsu sandwich is my favorite.”

Thanks Tony, for being a rockstar cook and for always bringing the energy! We sure do appreciate having you on the team.


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