Employee Spotlight – Greg Hartmann

We want to take a minute and introduce everyone our newest hire, Greg Hartmann! We figured the best way to introduce him is to make him answer a couple of questions about himself – so here we go!

What’s your role at Idle Hands?
I am the assistant brewer/cellarperson.

What were you doing before you started working at Idle Hands?
Before Idle Hands I graduated the ABG brewing program and then was working at Trillium and True North Ale Company.

Dream beer related trip?
When I’m 60 years old Weihenstephaner in Germany will turn 1,000 years old, and I’ll definitely be there.

What is something about beer or the brewing process that fascinates you but no one else gets?
I’m obsessed with valves and how you can isolate systems in a brewery with them. Everything needs more valves.

Non-beer hobbies or a random fact about you?
I was almost a wildlife herpetologist by profession. As a kid I had an octopus and blue tongued skink as pets along with many more.

It’s a perfect____ (pick a season) day – where will you be and what are you drinking?
It’s early Fall in New Zealand and I’m drinking Helles with my relatives on the beach.


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