Episode 1: Lagered Tales, presented by Beau’s

November 16, 2018 Featuring Joel Plaskett, Erica Campbell from the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies, Lug Tread: An Investigation

Introducing Lagered Tales, a brand new podcast presented by Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company. In our inaugural episode we talk to Erica Campbell, co-founder of the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies, East Coast musician Joel Plaskett, and we find out the meaning behind the name Lug Tread.

Lagered Tales is a bi-weekly check-in from your friends at the employee-owned Canadian craft brewery Beau’s. Through interviews, storytelling and exciting regular features, we’ll explore the intersecting worlds of craft beer, food, music, community and culture — and we’ll just generally talk to great people doing great things.

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Hosts: Josh Gottlieb and Emilie Quinn

Producers: Jen Beauchesne, Emma Chapman, Eddy Earwigg, Patrick Jodoin

Technical Producer: Marc Doucette  

[Running time: 00:34:22]


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