Favorite Duvel Tripel Hop is permanently on the market

Spring is coming and the annual custom is therefore also time for a new Duvel Tripel Hop. Or better: the most popular Tripel Hop. Because our brewers did not have to look for new exotic hops this time, but they brewed again with the American hop variety Citra. This Duvel Tripel Hop from 2012, which is being re-launched and gets a permanent spot on the market, has come at the request of the enthusiasts. In addition to Duvel, you will be able to enjoy Duvel Tripel Hop Citra permanently and worldwide from 3 March.

Since 2007, the Duvelbrouwers have been inventively working with the third hop variety gives the classic Duvel some extra punch. In addition to the qualitative hop varieties Saaz Saaz and Styrian Golding, a third hop variety is added that provides a surprising and fascinating flavor profile.
Brewmaster Hedwig Neven dreamed of a career as a chef, as a child, but eventually chose a place behind the brewing kettle. There, too, he can experiment with new ingredients and he is constantly looking for innovative beers and flavors. One of the results is Duvel Tripel Hop. Brewing is a passionate outlet for his creativity. Hedwig Neven: “It keeps fascinating me how you can only give a varying complexity to specialty beer with the pure base ingredients. Each hop variety has its own character that is so decisive for the taste and aroma of the beer. When brewing Duvel Tripel Hop we use the dry-hopping technique. Then we add hops after the main fermentation, in this case Citra. This leaves the pronounced fruity character more than subtly perceptible in the final beer. “

Nine years and six Tripel Hops later, Duvel went looking for the ultimate last year Duvel Tripel Hop. With a tasting box containing six unrecognizable Duvelflesjes, tasters were able to decide which Tripel Hop was given a permanent spot on the market in 2017. The Tripel Hop with Citra, an American hop variety from the Yakima Valley in Washington, was chosen as the absolute number one. No wonder, because Citra is a real prize animal. The 2012 Duvel Tripel Hop won both a gold medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge and the consumer trophy at the Zythos Beer Festival.
Hedwig Neven: “The Citra is an explosive hop with an ‘in your face’ taste of citrus notes that are very complementary to the Duvel”.
From 3 March you can find Citra in both Belgium and abroad. Selected supermarkets, beer merchants and catering businesses will include Duvel Tripel Hop in their range. Cheers!

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