Fruit beers: do mint beers really exist?

News from the Brasserie de Silly Back to NewsFruit beers: do mint beers really exist? A fruity beer, Silly Kriek is a harmonious blend of white beer and cherry juice

The beers offer a varied palette of flavors, ranging from malty notes to fruity aromas. Today we explore the world of fruity tastes in beer and answer an intriguing question: “Do mint beers exist?”

The explosion of fruity tastes in beersFruit beers have become increasingly popular among beer lovers looking for refreshing and exotic flavors. Brewers have explored a multitude of fruits to add fruity notes to beers, ranging from citrus to tropical fruits, berries and more. Fruity flavors bring a lively and harmonious touch to beers, creating unique and appealing taste profiles.

The answer to “Do mint beers exist?”Yes, mint beers mint do exist! Mint brings an invigorating freshness to the beer, adding a herbaceous and fragrant touch. Some daring brewers have incorporated mint leaves or mint extracts into their recipes, creating mint beers that subtly combine hoppy bitterness with the characteristic freshness of this aromatic plant.

Discover the fruity range of the Brasserie de SillyAlthough we have never developed a mint beer, the Brasserie de Silly is nevertheless recognized for its range of fruity beers that delight the taste buds. Discover these aromatic delights:

  • The Pink Killer: Fruity and thirst-quenching, sweet without being cloying, the Pink Killer is a beer made from malt, wheat and pink grapefruit, which explains its color so particular and this zest of bitterness specific to this fruit. To quench the greatest thirsts in a tasty way.
  • The Silly Kriek: The Silly Kriek is a harmonious blend of white beer and cherry juice. It has a beautiful red color, and is topped with a creamy mousse. Its taste is sublime and it will delight lovers of fruity beers.
  • Silly Rouge: Silly Rouge is a clever blend of dark beer and natural cherry juice. Ruby in colour, it has a fairly strong cherry flavor and a slightly acidic touch that comes from the pits of the fruit.
  • Fruit beers add an exciting dimension to the brewing world, offering a variety of flavors and aromas delicious. And yes, mint beers exist and offer a refreshing and surprising experience. For the more daring, try adding a few mint leaves, a slice of lime and ice cubes to the Silly Kriek to obtain a refreshing cocktail for the summer.

    La Brasserie de Silly, with its fruity range including Pink Killer, Silly Rouge and Kriek, invites you to explore these aromatic delights and be seduced by their unique taste profiles.

    Get ready to taste fruity beers and live a memorable brewing experience!


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