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IN THE MEDIAFit for the fairways. Perfect on the patio.Founded in 2014 by Geoff Tait, the same guy behind Quagmire Golf, Triple Bogey has come a long way since crushing its first can. Year over year growth, more than 3M cans sold by 2021, in excess of 800 locations, and a loyal community of repeat consumers – are all signs of a premium product and perfect market fit.

Alongside their family of favourites, the introduction of Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea crushed all expectations, proving history can repeat itself. Headquartered in Toronto and brewed in London Ontario, Triple Bogey is locally focused but with demand at an all-time high has established distribution partners and begun to make inroads into B.C,. Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

QUICK Q&A WITH FOUNDER, GEOFF TAITQ: Secret ingredient to the brand’s success?GT: (Laughs) No sleep? Well, it’s a combination of things I suppose. Starts with a product consumers will love. We did a lot of research and rigorous taste testing to ensure we have beers and now RTD beverages that are ideally suited to the fairways. Light, refreshing, easy drinking. The type of drinks golfers crave on a hot day. And then there’s the relationship aspect. In addition to our connection to the market. We know golf. We live and breathe it  And with that comes a deep understanding of what our friends at the courses and clubs need from us. Whether it’s the GM, Club Pro, Food & Beverage Manager, or servers our team is there to add value and actively support them. Other brands just can’t do that. We sponsor leagues, support events, assist with signage, are active in the socials, and perform all sorts of experiential marketing objectives to ensure consumers always enjoy an over par experience.

Q: You are up against some big players, yet continue to grow?GT: We are. And we know it. But I’ve always believed in the power of people and community. What they have in marketing budgets we make up for by connecting with people on a personal level. Being hyper-focused really resonates in today’s customer-centric climate. We don’t pay for play, we earn it. We’re incentivized to help grow the game and our community is extremely loyal to the brand and the locations that carry it. A good customer once told me that once the word gets out, the product sells itself. Not much more we could ask for.

Q: What’s next?GT: Continue to roll. Courses and clubs are really crushing it in Ontario. So we’re working with agencies to help us replicate that success in other provinces. At this stage, it’s a proven product and business model so we feel there’s lots of opportunity. Half & Half was absolutely huge for us this season so we may look at other RTD (Ready to Drink) options as well. Stay tuned.


MediaJuly 15, 2022

Hard Half & Half Suits Triple Bogey to a TeeFast forward to summer 2022 and Triple Bogey has a six-recipe roster, including a light beer, a low-carb, low-alcohol lager and a new half-and-half of hard lemonade and iced tea.

MediaApril 23, 2022

Triple Bogey’s modern twist on Arnie’s drinkTriple Bogey Brewing Company started delivering its new Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea this week.

MediaFebruary 10, 2022

A modern twist on a timeless classic.Triple Bogey Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea embodies a bold blend of iconic flavours sure to refresh the senses.

MediaFebruary 8, 2022

Location, Location, Locations.Triple Bogey partners with retail channel experts United Craft to assist in growing LCBO and Grocery business

QUICK FACTSGolf’s BeerTriple Bogey is a beer crafted for the masses. Aurora and Perle hops bring out a slight citrus flavor that instantly refreshes. A delicious lager that plays well in any situation. The Triple Bogey beer family includes Original Blonde, Light, and Amber ensuring there is an option to suit every taste.

Ready To DrinkIn addition to our popular family of fairway loving of lagers, Triple Bogey offers a Hard Line Seltzer in addition to the crazy popular Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea. A modern twist on a timeless classic, this iconic combination is crushing every expectation on and off the course. #TeaOneUp today!

Our DrinksOver 391,00 viewsFounder and President Geoff Tait is widely recognized as a thought leader in the golf industry and craft brewing space. A recent post on LinkedIn referencing pandemic restrictions has been viewed over 391,000 times.

Geoff Tait on LinkedInOver 60% adoption rateGolf courses see the added value in stocking a product their customers ask for and enjoy, drinks curated just for them. Enhancing the onsite consumer experience translates into repeatable business and attributable revenue. It’s a cross beneficial marketing (B2B) partnership and supply chain.

Ideally positioned for growthThe attitudes and behaviors of golfers are changing. Authenticity, community, and personalization have never been more important to the modern consumer. Golf’s collective thirst for beers and beverages curated just for them resonates now and will for years to come. #BetterHitAnother

Customer-centricA hyper-focused attention on a specific audience translates into cross-industry awareness and growth. A concerted array of sales support, branded merchandise, promotional materials, and event assistance help vendors with marketing objectives and keeps the focus on their game, their customer, their business.

PODCAST #BetterHitAnotherSet to launch at some point in 2022, Geoff is committed to adding more authentic perspective and content. Lessons he’s learned, the friends (soon-to-be-guests) he’s made, and stories untold along the way. In the spirit of Triple Bogey, it will be fun.

About Triple BogeyFounded in 2014, the Triple Bogey Brewing Company has been a huge success both on and off the course. Designed for the masses, Triple Bogey lagers feature Aurora and Perle hops that bring out a slight citrus flavour, while maintaining a refreshingly light and universally approved taste. Add a Hard Lime Seltzer and the crazy popular Half & Half Hard Lemonade & Iced Tea to the mix and you have a family of ready to drink beverages for the fairways and perfect on the patios. Triple Bogey’s cans and kegs are sold at over 400 golf courses across Ontario, Canada’s largest province, in addition to being served in excess of 800 locations; bars, restaurants, indoor golf facilities, driving ranges, and participating retail outlets. Expansion across Canada is underway.

About Geoff TaitGeoff Tait is one of the Canadian golf industry’s most respected and renowned thinkers and independent business entrepreneurs.

As Founder and President of the Triple Bogey Supply Co, his work ethic, customer-centric approach, and entrusted industry connections have enabled Triple Bogey to grow in excess of 600 locations and over 3M cans crushed of the original lager alone. An astute marketer, Geoff is quick to spot and leverage consumer trends while his industry acumen and connections support moving ideas through execution. Geoff was also a founding partner in Quagmire Golf – a fashion forward apparel brand that was sold in locations across North America, worn by a winner of the Canadian Open, and earned Geoff the extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with Arnold Palmer.

Well known and widely respected for his kind, generous, and giving nature Geoff is currently busy brewing and serving up refreshing lagers, wine, and seltzer to the golf & curling communities. And also finding time to make some really cool clothing and accessories.

Geoff on LinkedIn

  • Marketing Professor at Durham College
  • Working in close collaboration with Arnold Palmer and his team to launch and distribute Arnie Wear across North America
  • Founder of Quagmire Golf (golf lifestyle clothing line)
  • Managed The Port Stanley Wharf Restaurant
  • Teacher at University of Utembi, Valera, Venezuela
  • Golf Tour Director for Carnival & Celebrity Cruise Lines
  • Diploma from Humber College PGM Program
  • BA of Business from University of Western Sydney

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