Harbour Brewpubs Collective releases last installment of the summer!

August 29, 2017 Around Spinnakers As a part of the Harbour Brewpubs Collective we are excited to release Spinnakers installment, the Ice Tea Pale Ale.

Brewed at Spinnakers, this Iced Tea Pale ale was infused with Silk Road Tea’s Imperial Earl Grey and lemon, to give the perfect edge to a summer Pale Ale. With an ABV of 4% and an IBU of 12 this thirst quencher is the perfect way to start or finish your day.

The Harbour Brewpub Collective consists of Canoe Brewpub, Swans Brewery, Pub & Hotel, The Moon Under Water Brewery & Pub, and of course Spinnakers Brewpub. This release is part of a four part collaboration between the four breweries.

Come sample this at any of the Harbour Brewpub Collective Pubs, while quantities last! Gone when gone!


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