The idea for a new beer recipe often occurs by chance. It starts by the discovery of a new variety of malt or hop which spurs the brewer’s imagination. Smell a hop flower, taste a new malt, and ideas abound…

New beer projects are then created in the lab, in a little 20-litre installation. If the tests are conclusive and please the team, it’s the turn of our friends and acquaintances to taste the beer and to give their opinions. This is a good way of learning how our projects might be accepted by the market. Moreover, it regularly happens that certain beers, which were initially OK, do not get beyond the laboratory stage…


Then, on the basis of those comments and opinions, the recipe is adapted then produced on the main installation. The first brews regularly see the proportions of the various ingredients adapted in the light of the successive tastings. After a few brews, the recipe is definitively adopted and the new beer can be enjoyed by the general public.


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