Kasteel Rouge supports catering businesses Overpoort with a tin campaign

24 September 2020 – The academic year started again this week, and many cafés in the Overpoortstraat finally opened their doors on Monday. There is no question that the corona crisis has a serious impact on nightlife. Consider the long closing period and now a reopening with limited capacity. Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck and De Gentse Tappers vzw, the interest group of the Overpoort, joined forces and launched a fun campaign that encourages students to support their favorite cafés and, above all, not to forget them.

The current academic year will also look completely different for students, also with regard to extracurricular activities. For example, the nights start and end a bit earlier and it is mainly about going out sitting down. This limited capacity is also not ideal for catering operators. The brewery behind Castle Rouge wanted to encourage the local Ghent catering industry with a fun tin promotion. For example, every façade of all cafés was immortalized in a beer can of Kasteel Rouge. All lovers of the Overpoortstraat can collect the entire street in beer cans, 34 in total.

“Our Kasteel Rouge tin promotion offers students their favorite beer and at the same time gives them the opportunity to support their favorite café owner”, says Frederic Boulez, Sales Manager at Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck. Tim Joiris and Maarten Boucquez from De Gentse Tappers are also full of praise for the action. “Rouge Castle is very popular with Ghent students and it is fantastic that the brewery wants to do this. Despite the corona crisis, we want students to fully enjoy student life in the Overpoort. With the can action they literally bring their favorite café into their room and they can enjoy their favorite beer in a responsible way. At the same time, we give the catering industry the opportunity to generate extra margin and not to lose contact with their customers ”.
The promotion comes with great rewards for true fans. For those who have collected the entire street and share this on social media, a nice personalized doormat awaits. Anyone who can get hold of the golden can again can organize a party after COVID-19. More information about the tin promotion can be found at fb.com/overpoortrouge and the Instagram page overpoortrouge.

With the Kasteel Rouge promotion, tins were chosen as an ecological
packing. You can buy them per 12 in the Bierboetiek and online via the Overpoort webshop (www.overpoort.shop).


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