Meet The Artist: Clara Kirkpatrick

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WED SEP 15Meet The Artist: Clara KirkpatrickIf you’ve been to our Tasting Room recently, you’ve probably seen our incredible new mural from Clara Kirkpatrick, also known as @doodle-deli:


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We recently added a new Tasting Room storage section with some clean walls, and figured it would be a great spot to show off a vision of our home borough. Clara’s bright colors, layered worlds, and personal knowledge of the neighborhood were a perfect fit. She said:

“As someone who spent several years living in the Brooklyn Brewery neighborhood, I wanted to create a mural that felt authentic to the neighborhood. I want the experience of walking by this mural to elicit the feeling of strolling down the street on a nice night when everybody is out and about, chatting, snacking, etc. I love the New York moments when you’re able to take a step back and absorb the sites and sounds— it’s easy to take for granted. While I took some artistic and creative liberties to keep things fresh and funny, I hope this mural feels like an entertaining walk to the corner or a visit to the local bodega to buy beer. Surely this is a moment most Brooklynites and New Yorkers have experienced and enjoyed!”


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Clara is a NYC-based illustrator born and raised in the East Village. She received her MFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts and currently works as a freelance illustrator. Her work ranges from editorial illustrations, branding, graphics for clothing, book illustration, storyboards, cartoons, murals, and more. Her biggest influence – both visually and for character development within her work – is New York City. She also finds inspiration in Art History, specifically the sprawling scenes of the Northern Renaissance.

The next time you visit be sure to check out Clara’s work and keep an eye out for some familiar faces, like Brewmaster Garrett Oliver on his rooftop or your author eating pizza. Snap a pic in the scene and show us by tagging @brooklynbrewery – we love to see new faces in the neighborhood!


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