Michaël Gendarme, production manager

News from the Brasserie de Silly Back to NewsMichaël Gendarme, production manager My main responsibility is to ensure that our various beers are always in stock to meet the needs of our customers. It’s complex because we produce a lot of beers. Larger orders, especially for export, must be integrated into the various schedules (brewing, filtration and racking).

I must also be careful that everything runs smoothly for production . I make sure, with the entire production team, that we have all the necessary equipment such as, for example, bottles, racks, boxes, etc … but also the various products needed for cleaning, filtration, etc… In short, all the supplies and raw materials necessary for production.

I often lend a hand to everyone in carrying out their daily tasks, in organizing and distributing them and also by compensating for absences for holidays or other reasons. There is also the aspect of proper maintenance of our premises and especially of our various machines, that is to say their internal and external cleaning, sterilizations, preventive and curative maintenance carried out by the team in collaboration with Bertrand and also Daniel our mechanic who intervenes especially in case of more serious breakdowns. The physico-chemical analyzes of the beers produced as well as their visual and taste controls are also part of my responsibilities.

I also have other responsibilities such as the management of our certification “manufacturers of organic products” by Certisys but also our recognition by the AFSCA (federal agency for food safety) both in compliance with the various daily standards and the related administrative monitoring in view of the various controls regularly carried out by these two organizations.

And finally, there is the human aspect because I occupy a pivotal place in connection with the different departments such as management, reception / secretary / sales, stock / delivery, production, brewing / quality and certain of our suppliers. This gives me many contacts in which I always try, at best, to take every aspect and need into account in order to provide everyone with the most adequate responses possible to different requests. All of this makes my job, of course, a job that requires a lot of investment but which in the end is above all rich and varied, as there are daily challenges to be met.


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