New in 2021 – La Silly Session IPA: light and tasty

News from the Brasserie de Silly Back to NewsNew 2021 – The Silly Session IPA: light and tasty The Silly Session IPA is sweeter than our other IPA, the Green Killer. It was brewed with naturally aromatic hops and it has a lower alcohol content (4.2%). It is an ideal beer for cooling off with its subtle notes of citrus, exotic fruits and its very slight bitterness on the finish, not to mention its very delicate nose. It is cold hopped: at the end of the fermentation, we place it in a holding tank close to 0 ° and we add the Citra hops to it.

About the IPA. India Pale Ale is a top-fermented style of beer that derives its uniqueness from the use of bulk hops. India Pale Ales can be found in breweries around the world although its origin is English and its renaissance is American. The first beer officially called “Pale Ale for the Indian market” dates back to 1835. The IPA family brings together beers of unlimited diversity which are distinguished by the varieties of hops used, the malts used, the yeasts used and the methods of production. brewing. As for the Silly Session IPA, it stands out for its freshness and softness. It should be served between 4 ° C and 9 ° C. It is ideal for quenching your thirst and sharing a convivial moment during a hot summer day with friends or family.

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