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USE OF 100 % ENGLISH PILSMOUT CHANGES MAGMA FROM AMBER IN BLOND Each year Brewery The Musketeers brings a one-off brew to the market, changing one aspect of the brewing recipe of its most successful beer Troubadour Magma. In previous special editions, the recipe was varied on hops types and unique yeast combinations. For the Special Edition of 2016, Brewery The Musketeers goes back to the basis of every beer recipe: the malt. For this limited edition of Troubadour Magma, the brewers have adapted the recipe to 100% ‘Maris Otter’-malt.

By using different kinds of malt, there are innumerable variations in flavors and colors. Maris Otter is a two-row winter barley that was developed exactly 50 years ago in Norfolk as premium lager malt. This malt became a very popular and qualitative malt in the United Kingdom with fantastic taste characteristics. The malt is 20 to 25% more expensive than other malts, but due to its excellent quality it is ideally suited to use in a quality beer such as the Troubadour Magma. By using this 100% lager malt, the normally amber colored Troubadour Magma will also get a blonde color for the first time!

FROM THE BARREL AND ON BOTTLE Troubadour Magma ‘Maris Otter’ is available in the best specialty beer taverns and beer shops in the whole of Belgium and the Netherlands. The beer is available in barrels (20 and 30 liters) and in bottles (both 33cl and 75cl).

TREAD DESCRIPTION TROUBADOR MAGMA ‘MARIS OTTER’ The color of Troubadour Magma ‘Maris Otter’ is deep blond with a sturdy foam head. The beer has an alcohol percentage of 9%, a bitterness of 45 IBU and a color of 35 EBC. The typical fruity aroma of citrus, exotic fruit, mango and hops where Troubadour Magma is known for, remains everywhere. The taste is slightly fruity, soft with spicy and floral notes, not complex, refreshing but full-bodied. The dry and hop-bitter aftertaste continues to chase for a long time.

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