Night Märzen returns for “Virtual Beau’s Oktoberfest”

October 5, 2020Beau’s will be celebrating Night Märzen’s release with a free “Virtual Beau’s Oktoberfest” evening broadcast on October 15th

Beau’s well-loved fall seasonal amber lager Night Märzen is returning to put a touch of Oktoberfest magic into socially distanced steins this fall. Beau’s will be celebrating Night Märzen’s release with a free “Virtual Beau’s Oktoberfest” evening broadcast on October 15th. The event will feature live music from three Canadian indie bands (Braids, Crown Lands, and Goodbye Honolulu), as well as celebrity drop-ins, a virtual stein hold, and more.

Beau’s released 250 “Beau’s Oktoberfest-in-a-Box” kits that included a pre-order of two cans of Night Märzen to pair with the upcoming event. All kits sold out in less than 48 hours.

The Virtual Beau’s Oktoberfest returns the event to its roots as small gatherings celebrate a wonderful time of year and an equally wonderful craft beer. Märzen is a traditional German lager style that takes its name from the month of March when it was historically brewed. The beer would be lagered (stored cold) in cellars all summer, then released in the fall for Oktoberfest celebrations.Beau’s Night Märzen pours a clear amber-copper with a white foam. Authentic German malts deliver warm bread aromas and biscuity flavour, and a firm hop presence lends balancing bitterness.

This amber lager is great with food, especially anything roasted or grilled. Night Märzen will be available in 473 ml cans, and select restaurant and pub partners will also serve it on draft while supplies last. The cans will be on shelves in early-to-mid-October in LCBOs in Ontario, and will follow in depanneurs and grocery stores in Quebec. Hosted by Beau’s co-founder Steve Beauchesne, the Virtual Beau’s Oktoberfest broadcast will begin October 15 at 7 PM, on Beau’s YouTube channel: 

The perfect pairing for the evening of music, beer, food and fun, Night Märzen can be ordered from Beau’s online store for delivery anywhere in Ontario: Night Märzen is first up in Beau’s fall release schedule; a full schedule with details on the rest of the fall releases is coming soon.


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