NOW IN BOTTLES: Orange Suede Suit

Orange Suede Suit

Farmhouse Ale // 5.0% ABV

Orange Suede Suit is the result of a dream to create complex farmhouse ale with a low ABV. This beer is highly carbonated, very refreshing, and unlike any beer we’ve ever made.

We worked with our good friend Paul Thurston and Fortside Brewing to design this concoction. We blended hard red and soft white Skagit Valley Pilsener wheat through a multi-step mashing process then whirlpooled it with Hallertau Blanc hops. The final step was to ferment and age the beer in neutral French oak for several months with zested and pressed Cara Cara oranges. If Oragina befriended a farmhouse ale, you’d end up with this. Spritzy, light barnyard aroma, orange essence, and so so drinkable.


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