NOW IN BOTTLES: Peach, Be Humble

Peach, Be Humble

Fruited Saison // 7.8% ABV

This beer started its journey on November 14, 2017, as a simple recipe consisting of Pilsener and Wheat malts and lightly hopped with Pacific Gem and Mosaic. We fermented and aged it in an oak foeder until August 2018, at which time tree-ripened peaches from Yakima where added. The fruit was minimally processed, allowing for a carbonic maceration to assimilate the fruit into the beer. After a five-month rest on fruit, we bottled the beer with its native yeasts and bacteria.

The overall ratio of beer to fruit is relatively low, lending a more subtle peach note. While fruiting a beer is certainly something we enjoy, the goal is never to create imbalance due to heavy-handedness. The profile of this beer will undoubtedly change over time, but today its quite reminiscent of natural white wine. The result is lightly tart, very dry with a beautiful peach aroma, and finishes with notes of lemongrass.


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