NOW IN CANS: Ginger Disco

September 8, 2020Jack LambNOW IN CANS: Ginger DiscoSeptember 8, 2020Jack Lamb

Ginger Disco

Organic Berliner Weisse

4.5% ABV // 2.5 IBU // 10 P

Ginger + Lemon + Tart

Our favorite summer refreshment with an unexpected twist of ginger. We started with our classic Disco Lemonade and added a healthy serving of ginger steeped in the boil. Ginger Disco is the perfect balance of tart and earthy, the spiciness of the ginger root complementing the pucker we all know and love from Disco Lemonade. Cracking open a Ginger Disco is the ideal way to stay refreshed in the heat of summer and keep your palette guessing.

2-Row Pale, Wheat

Jack Lamb


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