Czech Style Pale Lager 4.2% ABV // 40 IBU // 11.0 P

Medium Body + Bright hops + Earthy malt

Zatec is an 11-degree Czech style pale lager, brewed in accordance with Cseke Pivo regulations. In the Czech Republic, Pale Lager (only Pilsner Urquell is called Pilsner) is separated by its original gravity, with 10, 11, and 12 being most common.

Brewing follows the German Rheinheitsgebot, no additives or water adjustments, double decoction mashed, Czech floor malt, hops grown in Zatec, lagered for 75 days, and served unfined/unfiltered with 100% natural carbonation.

A somewhat controversial element (in the USA) to authentic Czech pale lager is the presence of diacetyl. In the Czech Republic, it is an unspoken requirement for the proper flavor of the beer. American brewers leave it out, and have adopted a style guideline for the beer that encourages its absence — the so-called Bohemian Pilsner category, which weakly represents the traditions and flavors of Czech lager. In fact, authentic Czech lager is in many ways the most misunderstood style in American craft brewing.

Zatec intentionally has 100ppb of diacetyl in it, as we went to painstaking lengths to make this beer authentic. This beer is bright, clean, and perfectly bitter with earthy malt and a supported mouthfeel from the diacetyl that encourages sip after sip.




Floor Malted Barley


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