NOW ON TAP: Desolation Angels

Desolation Angels

Spritz Farmhouse Ale // 4.7% ABV // 20 IBU // 10.8 P

light body + Skagit Valley raspberries + earthy

Every year we buy thousands of pounds of organic fruit from local farmers to use in various projects. Sometimes the spent fruit still has plenty of flavor to use for another beer. This time around, we had 500 lbs of raspberries to use as a secondary fermentation source – pulling out the last bits of fruit essence.

The base beer consists of flaked rye, soft white wheat, and a heavy dose of raw buckwheat – which leads a fantastic earthy, herbal tea, and almost honey-like complexity. The raspberry aspect is light, but perfectly balances buckwheat and Czech Premiant hops. All-around, this spritzy farmhouse ale shows plenty of youthfulness on the palate and great depth for a light-bodied beer.




2 Row Pale, Buckwheat, Flaked Rye, Wheat


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