Opening Date

We’d like to announce that we’ll be open for business on Wednesday the 25th of November from 4-8pm!

It’s the day before Thanksgiving… you’re not really working hard that day and mostly just counting down the minutes before you leave early for a long weekend. Instead of fighting traffic on the worst driving day of the year, delay leaving town to come celebrate with us! Grab a few pints in our tasting room, and take some growlers with you to help you enjoy/endure your family time on Thanksgiving.

We’ll be back open on Friday to compliment your Black Friday shopping. You’ll certainly need a beer after having that last Tickle-Me-Elmo or Furby wrestled from your grip. Or, forgo the shopping altogether and come have a pint instead. Besides, we’ve got just what you need for that family member that you feel obligated to buy a gift for. And for that special someone, how about a sweet metal growler filled with a delicious, easy drinking stout? We’ll be open for all your post-shopping/I-hate-shopping-so-I’m-drinking-a-beer-instead needs.


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