Oude Geuze Oud Beersel wins again a silver medal at World Beer Cup 2014 !

Published: April 11, 2014 The results of the 10th edition of the World Beer Cup have just been announced. WBC is the most important beer competition in the world . The Oude Geuze Oud Beersel won silver in the category “Belgian Style Sour Ale” and became the first Oude Geuze . Gold went to Oude Kriek Boon Brewery. It is not the first time that brewery Oud Beersel wins prizes at the World Beer Cup. In 2008, the Oude Geuze Oud Beersel has also been awarded a silver award and two years ago the Oude Kriek Oud Beersel won silver.

The World Beer Cup is held only every two years by the American Brewers Association. This beer contest is the largest and most important in the world. This year, no less than 4754 beers from 1403 breweries from 58 countries participated.

Gert Christiaens of Oud Beersel brewery is particularly delighted with the World Beer Cup Award “Our Oude Geuze , like some of our other beers , cases already won several prizes at international beer competitions. The World Beer Cup is almost considered the ‘Olympics of the beer world’. This international recognition confirms that the traditional lambic beers from the Senne Valley are the best in the world .”

Gert adds: “In recent years we have invested heavily in the barrels arsenal. Last year alone we added 65 oak barrels of 600 liters and three casks of 3800 liters. Moreover, since the end of 2013 , we can even better receive our visitors in our new shop and tasting room. ”

The “price wall” Oud Beersel is gradually filling up. In 2007 Oude Geuze Oud Beersel was named “The World ‘s Best Gueuze” by the magazine ” Beers of the World “. A year later Oud Beersel received a RateBeer 2008 Gold Medal within the Oude Kriek. In 2009 “Beers of the World” called the Oude Kriek Oud Beersel “The World’s Best Kriek/Geuze”. In 2011 Oud Beersel Oude Kriek was voted “Best Belgian Ale“ at the Australian International Beer Awards. In 2012, the Oud Beersel received four medals in Australia: Bersalis Tripel was in its category awarded a silver medal and Bersalis Kadet, the Oude Geuze and Oude Kriek achieved bronze. At the Brussels Beer Challenge 2012 Oude Kriek Oud Beersel won gold and Bersalis Tripel was awarded silver. Oud Beersel brewery won at the Australian International Beer Awards 2013 twice gold, once for her Oude Geuze in the category ” Lambic ” and once for Bersalis Tripel in the category ‘Best Belgian and French Style Ale’ . As a cherry on a pie, the Oude Geuze Oud Beersel was honored with the top award, and named “Champion International Beer” .

Oud Beersel Brewery , founded in 1882 , is located in the Flemish Brabant Beersel . At the end of 2002, the survival of Oud Beersel was threatened by a lack of succession in the family business. In 2005, Gert Christiaens took over the brewery. He started brewing activities again with respect for tradition and craft. Since 2006 Oud Beersel is a member of the High Council for Artisanal Lambic Beers ( HORAL ). Oud Beersel currently produces six beers : Oude Lambic , Oude Geuze , Oude Kriek , Framboise , Bersalis Tripel and Bersalis Kadet.


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