08 Mar OUR NEW BELGIAN LEGEND AL TRIED? Posted at 13: 48h in Belgian Legends Series, Jack’s Precious IPA, News by Kristy Jacobs 0 Comments 0 Likes WHAT HAVE AN ELEPHANT, SAUSAGE AND BEER COMMON? When the Ghent Zoo closed its doors in 1904, Jack the Asian elephant was sold to the Ghent yeast marchand Siske. He wanted to sell the animal in England, but that plan failed. Eventually the poor elephant ended up in a Dutch sausage factory. Jack’s Precious IPA is an ode to the unfortunate Gentse elephant.

Whether Jack was really reduced to sausage is still not entirely clear. What is clear: the legend of Jack is talking. For decades. And that is what the new bitter India Pale Ale of The Musketeers brewery also aims at: making people talk.

On Thursday, March 24 at 17h, Jack’s Precious IPA was launched at the Museum of Zoology at the University of Ghent. . The Museum houses a historically important collection from the animal kingdom. The legendary elephant also got a place. Or is it elephant Betsy who is stored away? The launch of Jack’s Precious IPA takes place in this beautiful setting of old elephants, giraffes and other animals.

Jack’s Precious IPA is an outspoken India Pale Ale, brewed like a real IPA according to The Musketeers are: in balance and yet different. It is a refreshing and slightly drinkable tasting beer with an alcohol percentage of 5.9%. Jack’s Precious IPA has the character of a floral bouquet with a citrus accent. The beer tastes soft fruity and creamy. The bitterness of the floral and spicy hops is not predominant. The beer has a pale tougher pale gold color with a snow-white foam head that remains as a silk edge after tasting.
The Jack’s Precious IPA VAT is not only available in restaurants in Ghent. The special beer will be available from Thursday evening in the best specialty beer cafés in Belgium and the Netherlands. This IPA was tasted blind at numerous beer fairs and received praise. Soon, Jack’s Precious IPA will also be available for drinks in French and English catering establishments. ATYPIC MARKET APPROACH Just like at Jack’s Precious IPA, The Musketeers brewery opts for an atypical conquest of the market. In contrast to most Belgian breweries, The Musketeers primarily opt for the Belgian market and not immediately for the international market. “We choose credibility and are a real Belgian brewery. We invest in Belgian catering and drinks stores. After all, they are our ambassadors. In this way we give the Belgian consumer the chance to taste our beers. And that pays off. Today we are pretty strong on the domestic market. Only then will we focus on the rest of the world “.

BELGIAN LEGENDS SERIES With Jack’s Precious IPA, the Belgian brewery The Musketeers is presenting its second specialty beer within their Belgian Legends Series.

The golden blonde Antigoon was the first beer in this series. Antigoon refers to the city giant whose hand ended up in the Antwerp Scheldt. The beers from the Belgian Legends Series look and taste surprising and are innovative.

TROUBADOUR BEERS The Brewery The Musketeers is no stranger to the Belgian brewing world. Their Troubadour beers are quality gourmet beers. They exude tradition, but always taste slightly different than expected. Typical Troubadour beers are the Troubadour Blond, Troubadour Magma and Troubadour West Coast.


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