Woodland Empire Ale Craft: Giving Thanks

Greetings! This is our first post, hopefully the first of many! We are big advocates of beer and food pairings. One of the reasons we are so in love with craft beer is because of how dynamic it can make… Read more › ... Read More

Triple Bogey Brewing & Golf Company: 2014 Golf Industry Expo

November 5, 2014 by admin Beer , Events No Comment Thursday, November 7th & Friday, November 8th Nottawasaga Inn Resort & Conference Centre 6015 Highway 89 Alliston, ON Canada L9R 1A4 Swing on by for a sample of Golf’s Beer! A Triple Bogey has never been so easy to swallow. Cold Beer and some really ... Read More

Oud Beersel: Double victory for Oud Beersel brewery at Brussels Beer Challenge 2014!

Published: November 2, 2014 Leuven, November 2, 2014 • the results of the 3rd edition of the Brussels Beer Challenge, the most important beer competition in Belgium, have just been announced. The Oud Beersel Oude Kriek won gold in the category “Fruit Beer” and Oud Beersel Oude Geuze won silver in the category ‘Lambic and ... Read More

Brasserie de Cazeau: Hainault

Brasserie Delneste Chaussée de Douai, 881 7504 Froidmont Belgique www.brasseriedelneste.be www.belbiere.com Hypermarché Carrefour Mons 1, Place des grands prés 7000 Mons Belgique www.carrefour.eu Quievrain Drinks 143, Rue de Mons 7380 Quievrain Belgique www.quievrain-drinks.be Cave Saint-Jacques 21, Rue Piquet 7500 Tournai Belgique www.cavestjacques.be Deforest 207-226, Chaussée de Willemau 7500 Tournai Belgique www.deforest.be Eurospar 354, Chaussée de ... Read More

Brasserie de Cazeau: Innovation

The idea for a new beer recipe often occurs by chance. It starts by the discovery of a new variety of malt or hop which spurs the brewer’s imagination. Smell a hop flower, taste a new malt, and ideas abound… New beer projects are then created in the lab, in a little 20-litre installation. If ... Read More

Brasserie de Cazeau: Bottling

At this stage, we add the sugar which will be used by the yeast when it wakes up in the hot chamber. During refermentation in the bottle, the gas produced will stay trapped in the bottle, making the beer fizzy and contributing to the thickness of the head. & All we have to do now ... Read More

Brasserie de Cazeau: Malting

Take a grain of barley (let’s call it the hordeum disticum), matured under the setting sun on a summer evening. Convince it (with a little bit of persuasion) that it is ready to do its job, i.e. to germinate and give birth to a new generation of barley plantlets. At this stage it will need ... Read More

Brasserie de Cazeau: Brewing

This is where the brewer comes in. As a kind of commemoration, he would like to pick up where the hordeum (God rest its soul) left off, turning the complex sugars into simple sugars (maltose and maltotriose), and the proteins into amino acids. The crushing process opens the grain up to make the starch reserves ... Read More

Brasserie de Cazeau: Fermentation

At 23 °C, the hopped wort is the perfect food at the perfect temperature for the yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisae). But the several million cells per millilitre are still not enough to make our heavenly brew. The yeast breathes. It needs oxygen just as we do. The oxygenation of the wort allows the yeast to breathe ... Read More