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Brassneck Brewery is a Canadian brewery from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Well guys, we just make beer. That’s it.

The public space at Brassneck, i.e. the Growler Shop & Tasting Room are designed to have you, our customers feel as though you are part of our process. The brew house & cellar wrap around the tasting room & growler shop putting you in the very heart of the Brewery.

We have a special type of liquor license. A Brewery Lounge. Patrons do not have to be seated as in many other Food Primary locations in Vancouver. This combined with our communal tables makes for a pleasant social environment.

We have a really tiny 10 Hec system, with an even smaller Nano system for batches of around 4 Hecs.

Even though our system is small, we have lots of different fermenters. 14 in total (including a beautiful oak fermenter called a Foudre). This allows us to brew lots of different beers on a constantly rotating basis.

We are ALWAYS experimenting with different beer styles. We are three & a half years old & we’ve already brewed about 120 different beers. From Barrel Aged Imperial Stouts to Corn Lagers, Sour beers to English Milds, Brett Primary Fermented Wheat Ales to Traditional Saisons, the scope of beer styles is endless & we intend to cover them all!

Our beer comes to you direct from the conditioning tanks in our cellar & sells out quickly, so it’s always fresh.

Conrad Gmoser is our Head Brewer & partner, aided by Jeff Leake & Scott Wannop.

We’re always evolving so get ready for more great beers as time goes by & we expand production & have greater capacity for experimentation.



kind: American Pale Ale with Simcoe, Talus and Chinook hops abv: 5.5% FIRST BREWED: July 2022 American Pale Ale Share: ... Read More

Staircase Wit

kind: Belgian Style Witbier abv: 5.0% FIRST BREWED: July 2022 A Classic Belgian Wit Brewed With Coriander & Curacao Orange Peel Share: ... Read More

brassneck X Luppolo Sign the Wafer

kind: Imperial pastry stout with wafer cookies, hazelnut extract, vanilla & cocoa abv: 10.5% FIRST BREWED: October 2021 Imperial pastry stout with wafer cookies, hazelnut extract, vanilla & cocoa Share: ... Read More


kind: Pink Guava Tangerine Sour abv: 5.5% FIRST BREWED: September 2021 Pink Guava Tangerine Sour Share: ... Read More

Unconventional Wisdom

Cold IPA? What’s that supposed to mean? Isn’t my IPA always cold? (unless I’m a lifelong CAMRA UK member & I like me pints pulled on a proper beer engine & about the same temp as I like me baths…WARM!) Please allow us to explain…A Cold IPA is an IPA fermented cold & slow with ... Read More

Muscat Changeling

We’ve been hanging on to this one allowing it to grow in complexity. Almost a year since we first brewed this beer had plenty of time in oak barrels to impart soft, delicate vanilla flavours. The grape must gives us a wonderful, subtle fruitiness backed up with easy going acidity. We are proud of this ... Read More

Rather Spiffy

kind: English style IPA abv: 5.5% FIRST BREWED: March 2021 Get yer pinkies ready it’s time to try to make friends with a quiet, reserved little chappy who unlike their American cousin from New England doesn’t like to be the loudest in the room. They’d rather just try to win you over with classy malts ... Read More

I Pango

abv: 6.5% kind: Hazy IPA with a little Mango FIRST BREWED: January 2021 Hazy IPA with a little mango (6.5%) Share: ... Read More

Holiday Hours

FIRST BREWED: December 2020 Holiday Hours: Dec 31st noon – 7pm, Jan 1st closed Share: ... Read More

Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours: Dec 31th Noon – 7pm | Jan 1st Closed Share: ... Read More

De La Twang

Collab with the lovely fellas from Ile Sauvage, in Victoria. Dry Hopped Sour using Ile Sauvage lacto. Share: ... Read More

note to self

Made this hazy with overly generous additions of SABRO hops for that delicate coconutty feeling. Share: ... Read More


Show your thirst who’s in control with our super quaffable, zesty Gose. Share: ... Read More

Peel Sessions

kind: IPA with Sweet Orange Peel abv: 6.5% FIRST BREWED: March 2019 Experimental hazy with Orange Peel & just a smattering of lactose. Share: ... Read More

Five O’Clock Shadow

Five O’Clock Shadow abv: Oatmeal Stout kind: 5.5% FIRST BREWED: February 2019 Toasty, Roasty, Silky Oatmeal Stout Share: ... Read More

The Yabba

kind: Hazy IPA Hopped With El Dorado & Vic Secret abv: 7.5% FIRST BREWED: January 2019 Jeff’s latest masterpiece (he even named this one). Its one of them tharr big ass IPA’s this time hopped with Vic Secret & El Dorado hops. We went with a nice clean malt bill. Particularly notable the omission of ... Read More

The Normalizer

abv: Rye Lager kind: 5% FIRST BREWED: January 2019 Fermented cold & very slow, this lager is brewed using specialty Pilsner, Vienna, Munich & Rye Malts of the highest quality generously hopped with Hallertau Mittelfruh. Share: ... Read More


abv: Tart Wild Ale with Cranberries & Raspberries type: 6.5% FIRST BREWED: January 2019 We created a nice funky base beer using a mixed culture blend & brett primary fermentation. Added some fresh cranberries for some extra twang & threw in some raspberries to counter said twang. Pleasantly tart, with a little bit of sweetness. ... Read More

The Twizzler

abv: NE Pale Ale kind: 5.0% FIRST BREWED: November 2018 Nice juicy hazy pale with a deece bit of body proving just about enough to carry the hoppy umph without being too dry & astringent (like so many hoppy “session” beers seem to be). At least that’s what we were going for anyway. Oh! And ... Read More

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