Parade of the Chivalry of Fourquet on the Grand-Place of Brussels

News from the Brasserie de Silly Return to News Parade of the Chevalerie du Fourquet on the Grand-Place in Brussels The Chevalerie du Fourquet is an association which brings together the most prestigious Belgian brewers. It was founded in 1946. It is the direct descendant of the centuries-old Brewers Guild. Faithful to their tradition, Belgian brewers celebrate Gambrinus, the King of Beer, every year before attending the General Assembly.

The patron saint of brewers, Saint-Arnould, is venerated at month of September during a ceremony which precedes the annual Belgian Beer Weekend, organized on the Grand’Place in Brussels. On the occasion of these 2 meetings, new Knights of Law and Honor are inducted. The “inductions” take place according to a ceremonial specific to the Chivalry.

The 3 administrators of the Brasserie de Silly, Bertrand, Didier and Lionel Van der Haegen, are active members of the Chivalerie du Fourquet in recognition for their commitment to quality and Belgian brewing tradition. The activities of the Chevalerie du Fourquet are numerous. It organizes events to promote Belgian beer, notably the Belgian Beer Weekend, which takes place every year in Brussels.

It also participates in international events, such as the Belgian Beer Weekend in Tokyo or Belgian Beer Week in the USA. The parade on the Grand-Place in Brussels is one of the best-known activities of the Chevalerie du Fourquet.

It takes place every year during the Belgian Beer Weekend. The members of the Chivalry, dressed in their traditional costumes, parade through the streets of Brussels, accompanied by musicians and extras. An event not to be missed!


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