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Two years ago there was a change to the regulations allowing growler sales within Manitoba. Since then growler sales in Manitoba have skyrocketed and with a handful of new breweries opening in 2016 (Barn Hammer, Torque, Little Brown Jug, as well as us!) and in 2017 growler sales are just going to continue on the upward trend with even more breweries (One Great City, Trans Canada, Brazen Hall) opening up.

What is a growler though?

noun: growler; plural noun: growlers

  • a person or thing that growls.
  • a small iceberg that rises little above the water.
  • a pail or other container used for carrying drink, especially draught beer.
  • an electromagnet with two poles designed to test for short circuits in the windings of an armature.
  • a four-wheel hansom cab
  • The name for the growler originates from the sound the old metal pails used to make as the beer was carried home from the pub, the escaping carbon dioxide would “growl” out of the pail.

    Growler Info You Should Know

    When it comes to growlers there are a few things everyone should know.

  • Always store your growlers in the fridge.
  • Consume a full growler within 5-7 days.
  • Once you’ve opened the growler it should be drank within 24 hours.
  • Growlers should be cleaned, sanitized, and rinsed right after consuming.
  • Once cleaned growlers should air dry and be stored with the cap unsealed.
  • PEG Beer Co. Growler Bar

    The Growler Bar at PEG Beer Co. is open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 11pm and Sunday 4pm to 11pm. We will have a rotating selection of beers available each week. If you don’t have a growler we have PEG Beer Co. branded growlers available for $6 at the Growler Bar.

    Now don’t forget your empty growler next time you come down to the pub!


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