Resilience IPA

December 21, 2018 These days it seems like everyone is facing forward. It’s all about where you are going. This is so apparent to beer folk.

What do you have that’s new? is the mantra of the craft beer industry.

To be honest, I enjoy the ever changing landscape of craft beer, it was one of the first things about the industry that caught my attention. You will never stagnate, you will ALWAYS be learning and doing something new. It was refreshing for 25 year old me to know I wasn’t gonna get stuck in a lab performing the same experiment over and over and over like a gerbil on an exercise wheel.

BUT, and this is a big one: Where we came from is important.

There are a handful of people that took HUGE risks to start the revolution. No one believed craft beer was gonna be a thing and these people forged ahead anyway. We are where we are today because of them. Fritz Maytag, Ken Grossman, Jim Koch, Sam Calagione, Greg Koch, Kim Jordan. These people have made it possible for me to live out my dreams.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.  is my favorite brewery of all time. Their beer is ALWAYS good. In my opinion, their commitment to quality sets the standard for everyone else, and they have set that bar high.

Chico California, home to my favorite brewery, is situated in the zone of California’s infamous ‘camp fire’. Many of the friends and family of this brewery had their homes destroyed and were otherwise affected by it.

Immediately after the fire Ken started a fund to support those that were affected. He donated $100,000 and then he made a recipe and put out a call. The proceeds (after taxes) of this beer, Resilience IPA, will go to help those affected by the fire. Country Malt Group got invloved and donated the ingredients.

Ken and his team have paved the way for me and my team. There was never any doubt that we would be involved.

Today I put my boots on and mashed in Resilience IPA. It will be on tap in the Townsite tasting room in the new year.

Ken, from our family to yours: Cheers.

Chloe pitcured here in her boots with an autographed photo of Ken Grossman


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