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Results of the consumer test of Special Beers On Thursday 12 May Brewery De Kroon, together with Biercentrum Delvaux, organized a consumer test of specialty beers.

The test went between beer B and beer X, 2 very similar beers with a small difference in recipe. According to our professional panel, beer X had a more spicy character with a stronger aftertaste.

The public preferred beer B with 56% of the votes. Of this beer, most glasses were also drunk: 74 glasses (compared to 49 glasses of beer X).

The scores were not far apart : Beer B got 6.8 out of 10 from our test public. Beer X scored slightly lower with 6.4 out of 10.
We also noticed that the test audience consisted mainly of men, namely 79% of the test subjects! /> So this is another appeal to all women to participate in the next tasting!

We thank all the tasters of this consumer test and hope you welcome back soon!


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