SSSt … here Duvel ripens in old bourbon casks

The Duvel brewers started a news taste experiment: they ripen Duvel on oak bourbon casks. Since November, the Duvel matures in these imported American barrels and will probably have to be ready for six to seven months before it is ready. Only when the taste is perfectly perfect, the first bottling of this special beer follows 75cl bottles.

First, the Duvel brewers selected a series of bourbon casks. The oak bourbon casks come from two renowned American bourbon distilleries: Four Roses Distillery and Buffalo Trace Distillery, both from Kentucky. The selected barrels have already gone through a whole process and a great taste evolution. The bourbon barrels can provide a fascinating taste pallet because bourbon barrels for use on the inside are burned and that gives a smoky vanilla taste, in addition, the wood is soaked with the original Bourbon and that results in a sensational taste development.

Our brewers like to find the contrasts, and with this barrel aged Duvel they combine the spicy bite of duvel with the more juicy caramels of the bourbon. Presumably the beer will be perfect somewhere in June. However, it remains a natural process that our brewers do not want to force.

The Duvel Barrel Aged beer will have a full-bodied, distinct taste with an alcohol content between 10 and 11% Vol. Alc. A unique beer to preserve for a special moment among gourmets. Here you can follow the evolution further.

 Dutch, Belgium



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