Studio Pieter Stockmans designs three unique Duvel glasses

For The Duvel Collection, a series of national and international artists have been bringing their most creative designs to the iconic Duvel glass. Passed by: Denis Meyers (Belgium), Eley Kishimoto (Great Britain), Parra (Netherlands), Arne Quinze (Belgium), Daan (Belgium), Stefaan Letman (Netherlands), Philippe Debongnie (Belgium) and Yan Sorgie ( Brazil). In 2017, Pieter Stockmans complements that list of impressive, well-known artists. Ceramic artist Pieter Stockmans has been a reference for fifty years in the field of porcelain tableware and works of art. He has many years of experience with the material and only manufactures hand-made top products mostly in white and the famous Stockmans Blue.

Studio Pieter Stockmans
Together with his daughter Widukind, he explores the boundaries of porcelain in Studio Pieter Stockmans. For several years they gave the Studio an extra boost by accommodating their creative center and studio at the C-Mine in Genk. For the development of objects Piet Stockmans always starts from the material itself. The porcelain that he processes into extremely thin, as it were transparent objects, give rise to unique creations that are unglazed on the outside. They give the user direct contact with the fragile but extremely durable porcelain. An impressive feeling.

Porcelain Duvelglasses
For Studio Duvel Studio Pieter Stockmans designed three porcelain glasses, with a contemporary and experimental approach. No glass is the same. These differences immediately give the objects their unique character.

& lt;! – Out of Stock (mans)
This series was so popular with so many enthusiasts that we were a lot faster then we did not expect to have any more available. Meanwhile we have decided to make a second series. In the exclusive box are again three porcelain glasses “Duvel personalized”, 1 bottle of Duvel of 75 cl, an information book of Pieter Stockmans and a certificate of authenticity. Price: 200 euro.
Because these porcelain glasses are all handmade, you will understand that manufacturing a new series requires a lot of time.

From now on this second series is also to order.

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