Support together with Castle for the Red Devils: Allez les Rouges!

Euro 2020 is in full swing and you notice that everywhere. Also in our family brewery the whole football happening is very much alive. With the slogan ‘Allez les Rouges!’ we support the Red Devils to victory in our own way. Are you in?

Our national football team is popularly called ‘the Red Devils’. Translate that into French and you get ‘les Diables Rouges’. And which brewery happens to brew the one and only Rouge? Correct: our brewery!

Just like during the past tournaments, our Kasteel Rouge will also be present during Euro 2020 as the twelfth man of the Belgian national team. With a Kasteel Rouge in hand, we propel the Red Devils towards the ultimate victory.

Would you like to support the Red Devils yourself with a Kasteel Rouge specialty beer in hand? Then take a look at our webshop and order your stock today. Castle Rouge is also available at the local liquor store or supermarket.

Black yellow Red

Our brand new Kasteel Nitro specialty beers are also on the front row to support the Red Devils. The Kasteel Nitro Noir, together with the Kasteel Nitro Blond and Kasteel Nitro Rouge, forms the Belgian tricolor. That is a dream combination!

Order Kasteel Nitro now via the webshop and get the Belgian flag in beer form yourself.


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