The Beau’s #feBREWary 2018 Chalk Art Contest

The Beau’s #feBREWary 2018 Chalk Art Contest

The Beau’s #feBREWary 2018 Chalk Art Contest February 7, 2018 As you surely know by now, more than 370 pubs and restaurants in Ontario and Québec are currently partaking in Beau’s feBREWary, a month-long beer celebration that introduces a brand new Beau’s beer every week in the month of feBREWary.

On Thursday, Feb. 1, we kicked things off with the launch of Ninho do Corvo, a coconut robust porter we brewed with our friends from Weird Barrel, a craft brewery in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil.

In the years since we began #feBREWary many years ago, our pub and restaurant partners have often riffed on the feBREWary beer label designs on their chalkboards and posted ’em online. We’ve always shared these images internally here at Beau’s and really enjoyed them.

So this year we thought: Why don’t we share the #feBREWary chalkboard art with the world? We’ve asked our friends at the participating #feBREWary restaurants to show off their chalk-handling skills, use their chalkboard as their canvas, and share with us their interpretation of each week’s new feBREWary beer label. They’re posting their photos and using the hashtag #feBREWary across their social media channels. Do follow it.

Once a week, our in-house design team will be weighing in on the submissions and crowning a winner. At the end of it all we’re going to ask you, the fans, to help us choose a champion from those winners.

And now, without further ado, we present to you the week one entries (the winner is at the bottom):

Ninho do Corvo, coconut robust porter

Coq of the Walk • Absintherie @coqofthewalk (Instagram) 488 College St, Toronto

Le Chien Noir @chiennoirbistro (Twitter) 69 Brock St., Kingston

The Rebel House Canadian Pub @rebelhousers (Instagram) 1068 Yonge St., Toronto

Swan Dive

@swandiveto (Instagram) 1631 Dundas St. W., Toronto

First runner up!

Cafe Nostalgica @cafenostalgica (Instagram) 601 Cumberland St, Ottawa

And the winner!

Round the Horn @roundthehorn (Instagram)

@roundthehorn331 (Twitter) 331 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto

Bonus: Round the Horn did two!


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