The Best Breweries In Garden Grove, CA

The city of Garden Grove is situated in Orange County in Northern California. It is located 34 miles southeast of LA. This city is culturally very rich – you can visit cathedrals and museums, attend exhibitions, and also eat some of the most delicious food with the best-tasting craft beers. Speaking of beers, Garden Grove, CA is home to some of the best breweries in the US, and we will discuss some of them in the following paragraphs.

Best Breweries in Garden GroveSome of the best breweries in Garden Grove, CA, and the surrounding areas include the Beachwood Brewing Company, Steelcraft Garden Grove, Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Co, Bearded Tang Brewery, BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, Ballast Point Brewing Long Beach, and Golden Road Brewing Huntington Beach.

Riip Beer Co 17214 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, California  92649
(714) 248-6710This amazing brewery is situated in Sunset Beach on the Pacific Coast Highway. The business was founded by two brothers in 2014. Initially, it started out as a home-brewing initiative. They only had a More Beer Brew Structure that couldn’t hold more than 20 gallons. With time, they emerged as one of the most popular nano breweries in the region, and through rigorous hard work, they began making a name for themselves in the craft beer scene. The great thing about Riip beers is that their beers are made organically from scratch.

If you are in Garden Grove, CA, you can easily drive up to the Riip Beer Company. Some of their best beers include the Chain Out, the Super Cali, and the Riip Krisspies, and it just doesn’t stop there. Some other beers at the Riip Beer Co include the Citradical, the Warner Corner, and the Playa Nublada. These are just a handful of their immense collection. To know more about them, you will have to pay them a visit.

Radiant Beer Co.1566 W Lincoln Ave, Southwest Anaheim, Anaheim, California  92801
(714) 661-5790The Radiant Beer Company is a relatively new entrant in the Californian beer scene. It opened two years ago, but this idea had been in the making for quite some time. Not only does this brewery sell the best beers, but what truly sets them apart is the ambiance that enhances its hospitality. It is a great place for people that want to sit with their friends and enjoy a big glass of some nice craft beer. This brewery is a collaboration project between some industry veterans and beer lovers, and their passion for their beverages is evident in their success.

If you ever get the chance to pay this establishment a visit, make sure not to skimp on their hazy pale ale. It’s funny, but some people often mistake their beverage for fresh pineapple juice. Another beer you cannot miss is the Modern IPA. This unique beverage has aromatics of nectarine and strawberry, and it has a dominant flavor, which is similar to that of grapefruit. It also has a touch of mango and guava, which makes this a very exciting drink. If you order online, they also give you the option to make your own full, and half packs.

Bravus Brewing Company1931 E Wright Cir, Southeast Anaheim, Anaheim, California  92806
(949) 892-3120A non-alcoholic brewery? Well, that is definitely an oxymoron. However, if you’re not someone who consumes alcohol but still likes the whole brewery vibe, Bravus Brewing Company is the place for you. The Bravus Brewing Company was established in 2015 by a person named Philip Brandes. His idea was to establish the first ever non-alcoholic brewery in North America and he succeeded. Their non-alcoholic beverages can be enjoyed by occasional drinkers, as well as hardcore craft beer enthusiasts.

One of the key principles this business runs on is inclusivity, and Brandus makes sure everyone that walks through his door must feel at home. Bravus brewing company is a great place for you to sit peacefully and have a drink or two with your friends and family, without worrying about getting drunk.

Some of their most popular drinks include the Michenada, the Strawberry Blonde, and the India Pale Ale. You can also try the rich Oatmeal Dark and the Blood Orange IPA. Also, don’t forget to try out the Peanut Butter Dark. No matter your taste, Bravus has got you covered in the most non-alcoholic fashion possible.

Beachwood Brewing Company12900 S Euclid St, Garden Grove, California  92840
(714) 462-9710The Beachwood Brewing company isn’t just a brewery but a haven for pleasure seekers. Not only do they sell beer, but they also sell some of the finest mouth-watering delicacies. They’re sure to make you drool the moment you lay eyes on them. For starters, make sure to have the Chili Fries and Smoked Buffalo Wings. You can also stimulate your appetite with some delicious BBQ Chicken Nachos and Deviled Eggs.

The main course features sandwiches, smoked meats, fried pork chops, and pan-seared salmon. The list is actually long, and to explore their menu, you must pay them a visit. As far as beers are concerned, make sure to try out the Fizzical Pineapple, the Music on Hold, and the 28 Haze Later. Their beers are crafted to perfection and enhance the experience of eating some of the best foods. They are also known for organizing events. One of their most popular events is the Beachwood Beer Run, which you must take part in if you’re around town.

SteelCraft Garden Grove12900 S Euclid St, Garden Grove, California  92840
(714) 482-6298If you are looking for a good time in Garden Grove, CA with a bunch of friends, this is the place for you. It is the perfect place for people who don’t want to splurge on fine dining. This place fills you up with delicious food while also taking care of your drinking needs. Here, you can find delicious hamburgers, fries, and other convenience foods. You will also find coffee, wines, craft foods, and some really nice desserts.

This eatery/brewery started out in 2017, and within a short period, it has gained sufficient popularity in Long Beach. The establishment is open throughout the day, and you will be taken care of whenever you choose to visit. What drives their success is their ability to blend in with the local communities, as well as the businesses that reside within those communities. They have also curated some of the best food and beer vendors in their surroundings, which has allowed them to grow, without spending too much on marketing activities.

Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Co12362 Chapman Ave #3921, Anaheim Resort, Garden Grove 92840
(714) 534-3599Pizza and beer is an age-old romance, and no one understands it better than Oggi’s Pizza & Brewing Co. This place is meant for the young at heart. If you are in Garden Grove, you cannot miss out on their steaming hot Baked Potato Pizza, the Hot Spicy Sausage Pizza, the Margherita Classico Pizza, and the Loose Cannon. For starters, you may want to try their Cheesy Bites which literally melt in your mouth. You can also try their soups and their salads. If you don’t know already, their food items are battered with beer, there aren’t too many eateries that do that, so it is indeed a prized amenity in Garden Grove.

The California Gold beer that goes into their food can also be had a solo. It tastes heavenly, and it is made in such a fashion that it makes you crave something scrumptious. The best part is, their prices are pretty affordable, as opposed to what it would cost were you a fan of fine dining. You can visit them or place an order online. You can also follow them on social media, so make sure to hit that “like” button.

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