the Best Breweries In Irving, TX

This is one of the best seasons to try locally crafted beers in Irving. You can enjoy sipping a chilled glass of beer in some of the city’s best breweries and eateries. If you are a beer purist, you will be happy to know that Texas – especially North Texas – has no shortage of local craft beers. Many popular spots in Irving will proudly pour you a pint!

Best Breweries in Irving, TXTo try some of the best beers and brews, check out this list of the best breweries in Irving, TX. The following breweries in Irving for craft beers use unique brewing techniques for unique flavors and have lots of enthusiasm for their final products.

Twin Peaks Brewing Co.1500 Market Place Blvd., Irving, TX 75063
(469) 420-9216Twin Peaks Brewing Co. is Irving’s pride when it comes to brewing craft beer of the highest quality. With more than 6 taps, the handcrafted in-house brews are sold at all Twin Peaks restaurants and delivered to more than 25 spots in Texas. All of the Twin Peaks’ signature beers are proudly brewed in-house in this Irving brewery.

Knotty Brunette, Dirty Blonde, Twin Peaks Light, and Drop-Dead Redhead are some of Twin Peaks’ best-selling brews. In addition, a wide range of limited-edition seasonal brews is also created by them. If you are in Irving or crossing by, you can even sign-up for brew tasting and brewery tour offered by the Twin Peaks Brewmasters themselves! Furthermore, you can even take over the brewery to host a personal party or event.

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