The Best Breweries In New York State

New York has a reputation as the melting pot of America. It’s where different cultures and nationalities meet and come together to create something greater, which explains why this state has some of the best breweries in the country!

Best Breweries in New YorkIf you’re looking to add a new brewery or two to your list of must-visit spots, check out these top breweries in New York that are worth your time and money!

Hudson Valley Brewery7 E Main St, Beacon, NY 12508
(845) 218-9156Hudson Valley Brewery is one of the newest members of the New York craft beer scene. Founded in 2012 by friends and home brewers Milanese Willett and Cofer Moore, Hudson Valley Brewery quickly became known for its unique takes on traditional beer styles.

One of their signature beers is the Imperial Stout, a rich and intensely flavorful beer that is perfect for winter nights. Another popular beer is the Hoppy Wheat, a refreshing wheat beer with citrus and pine notes. Whether you’re looking for something to warm or cool you, Hudson Valley Brewery has a beer for you.

So next time you’re in New York, be sure to check out Hudson Valley Brewery and see what all the hype is about.

Big aLICe Brewing Company4180 NY-14, Geneva, NY 14456
(315) 325-4749Big aLICe Brewing Company is a New York-based brewery specializing in sour and wild beers. The company was founded by Beer Advocate magazine co-founder Todd Alström and his wife, Lisa, in 2014. The couple named the brewery after the city’s first subway line, the IRT Lexington Avenue Line (also known as the “EL”). Big aLICe Brewing’s beers are available throughout New York City and in select retailers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine. The brewery also employs modern brewing technology, such as temperature-controlled stainless steel vessels to create unique flavor profiles.

Big aLICe Brewing’s sour and wild beers have earned critical acclaim from beer enthusiasts and industry experts alike. In 2015, the brewery was named one of America’s 100 Best New Brewers by, and in 2016, Big aLICe Brewing was awarded a Gold Medal for its Sour Cherry Ale at the Great American Beer Festival.

Community Beer Works520 7th St, Buffalo, NY 14201
(716) 388-2664Community Beer Works is a Nano brewery located in Buffalo, New York. The brewery was founded in 2012 by Matt Ward and Guy Johnston. Their goal was to create a space where people could come together to enjoy fresh, local beer. Since then, Community Beer Works has become a staple of the Buffalo community. They offer various beers, including IPAs, stouts, and sours. They also have a taproom where people can try their beers before they buy them. In addition to their delicious beer, Community Beer Works also hosts events and workshops. These events are open to the public and help to support the local community.

They are famous for their beer, which is brewed using traditional methods and ingredients, so it is a must-try. If you’re ever in Buffalo, check out Community Beer Works!

Evil Twin Brewing Company1616 George St, Queens, NY 11385
(718) 366-1850 Evil Twin Brewing Company is a New York-based brewery founded by Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø. The brewery is known for its experimental and innovative beers and collaborations with other breweries.

Evil Twin’s most famous beer is probably its flagship beer, Hipster Ale. This beer is a tart and hoppy wheat ale that has earned rave reviews from beer lovers worldwide. Hipster Ale is just one of the many delicious and creative beers that Evil Twin Brewing Company offers. Evil Twin’s beers have earned numerous awards and accolades, including multiple medals at the Great American Beer Festival. With its unique beers and bold flavor combinations, Evil Twin Brewing has established itself as one of the most exciting breweries in the country.

If you’re looking for something new and exciting in the world of craft beer, then you need to check out Evil Twin Brewing Company.

SingleCut Beer Smiths19-33 37th St, Queens, NY 11105
(718) 606-0788SingleCut Beer smiths is a new brewery in New York that is quickly making a name for itself. The brewery is known for its unique beers, which are all made with a single hop variety. This gives the beers a distinctive flavor unlike anything else on the market. In addition to its signature beers, SingleCut offers a rotating selection of seasonal and limited-release brews. This allows customers to try something new with each visit. SingleCut is quickly becoming a favorite among beer lovers, and it is easy to see why. The brewery is also well-known for its unique can designs, which feature retro illustrations and pop culture references.

From its flagship 18-Watt IPA to its award-winning Full Stack Double IPA, SingleCut has something for everyone; we recommend trying their flagship 18-Watt IPA. In addition to its core lineup, SingleCut offers a rotating selection of seasonal and limited-release beers. Whether you’re a beer aficionado or just looking for something new to try, SingleCut Beersmiths is worth checking out.

Best Breweries in New York with FoodHere are a few more incredible options that have incredible food to match.

Industrial Arts Brewing Company55 W Railroad Ave # 25, Garnerville, NY 10923
(845) 942-8776Industrial Arts Brewing Company is a Nano brewery and taproom located in Garnerville, New York. The company was founded in 2016 by Jeff O’Neill, a former brewer at Brooklyn Brewery. Industrial Arts specializes in small-batch, artisanal beers brewed using traditional methods.

The company’s food menu includes burgers, sandwiches, salads, and appetizers.

The company’s flagship beer is Wrench, a hoppy rye pale ale that has won multiple awards. In addition to Wrench, Industrial Arts also brews various seasonal and limited-release beers. The taproom is open seven days a week, and visitors can tour the brewery, sample beers, and purchase merchandise. Industrial Arts is committed to quality and innovation, and its beers have been featured in magazines such as The New York Times and Food & Wine.

Queens Brewery1539 Covert St., Queens, NY 11385
(718) 386-4758The Queens Brewery Company is a New York institution known for its famous beer and friendly atmosphere. Founded in 1858, the Queens Brewery Company has been serving up cold ones to locals and tourists alike for over 150 years.

In addition to its flagship beer, the Queens Brewery Company also offers a variety of seasonal and specialty brews. Their experienced brewers are always experimenting with new recipes, so there’s always something new to try. Their menu includes signature pretzel with beer cheese dipping sauce, beer-battered fish and chips, and a decadent chocolate stout cake. They have also added a selection of salads and sandwiches for those looking for a lighter option.

Whether you’re looking for a place to watch the game or relax with a cold one, the Queens Brewery Company is the perfect spot.

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