The Best Breweries in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of the trendiest places where the beer scene has improved over the past few decades. Locals have taken it upon themselves to fully utilize their local resources to uplift the art of brewing craft beers. It looks like they have certainly succeeded, as now Pennsylvania is on the list of beer fanatics.

Best Breweries in PennsylvaniaHere are the top 10 best breweries in Pennsylvania, including one of the largest craft breweries in Pennsylvania and nationwide.

Weyerbacher Brewing Company905 Line St, Easton, PA 18042, United States
(610) 559-5561Weyerbacher Brewing Company has established a reputation in Pennsylvania’s beer scenes through its high-quality, Belgian-style beers. The aging barrels and other brewing techniques help to entirely extract the rich flavors of different ingredients to brew the perfect glass of beer for the fanatics. The high alcohol content has made Weyerbacher the talk of the town for ages. However, its recent experimentation with low alcohol drinks has also proved fruitful.

The aromatic QUAD is a Belgian Quadrupel ale with a dark and rich texture. The intensity of the drink awakens the taste buds, but the strong fragrance also attracts true beer fanatics. Served alone and preferably in a wine glass, QUAD isn’t a drink; it’s an experience.

New Trail Brewing Company240 Arch St building 18, Williamsport, PA 17701, United States
(570) 980-9295New Trail Brewing Company is your typical craft beer establishment with aging barrels lined up and kegged beers available for purchase right from the facility. The place also attracts beer fanatics because of the company’s ongoing work with Pennsylvania’s wild and outdoor resources. The indoors have ample space with open-air seating available for a chill summertime hangout.

The company takes pride in its popular Trail Ale, a blend of classic Amber Ale with the richly flavored undertones of Pennsylvanian honey and the sweetness of caramel. The wildflower honey and the malts’ richness make the drink quite famous among serious beer lovers.

Brew Gentlemen512 Braddock Ave, Braddock, PA 15104, United States
(412) 212-3657Brew Gentlemen was started by a friend duo who gave up everything to pursue their dream of having their own brewery relentlessly. Brew Gentlemen is what you’d call your typical bar season with stools around the bar and tables spread out in the remaining space. The place is perfect for some after-work drinks or celebratory occasions.

Blanks & Postage is the go-to English-style ale for a laidback night out with friends. The mild drink has a kick to it making it famous amongst the crowd of beer hoppers and people who appreciate a good beer and good company.

Imprint Beer Co.1500 Industry Rd Suite R, Hatfield, PA 19440, United States
[email protected]Imprint Beer Co. has a standard brewhouse vibe with a chill interior and decor. The place seems a perfect hangout place, especially to relax after a tiring day at work. However, the facility with huge barrels on the front isn’t the ideal place for date nights.

Imprint Beer Co. is famous for its Schmoojees, perfectly fruit-infused Indian Pale Ale that’s refreshing yet solid in the same sip. It may not be the perfect option for bar hoppers. The crowd still seems to gather at the establishment to taste this unique drink.

Tröegs Independent Brewing200 Hersheypark Dr, Hershey, PA 17033, United States
(717) 534-1297Tröegs Independent Brewing is a modern daytime bar mixed with refreshing sites of aging beer barrels. The ample seating and the hip interior attract the young crowd and beer fanatics from around the town. Locals appreciate the vintage vibe of the place and the packaging of the beer bottles.

Mad Elf Ale is a popular holiday drink manufactured and sold by the company once a year around Christmas time. The citrusy cherries mixed with chocolate malt give the sense of a cozy feeling. The hint of spices then adds the warmth balanced with the subdued local honey flavor, making the drink a warm hug in the winter.

ShawneeCraft Brewing Company100 Shawnee Inn Dr, Shawnee on Delaware, PA 18356, United States
(570) 213-5151ShawneeCraft Brewing Company is all you’d expect from a standard bar setting: cozy lighting, wooden decor, and open mic nights. The place is a local joint for beer fanatics and people looking to have a good time. The site also offers private tours around the tap rooms, but they must be booked forehand.

The locals and tourists love ShawneeCraft’s Session Indian Pale Ale 5.4% abv. The hoppy flavor makes the blend perfect for beer fanatics with less content of grains and malts. The aroma of the beer also brings the crowd.

Rumspringa Brewing Company3174 Old Philadelphia Pike, Bird in Hand, PA 17505, United States
(717) 768-7194Rumspringa Brewing Company is set in a barn with a vintage vibe. The place attracts locals for happy hours as well as beer fanatics from the area to hang out and have a chilled, relaxed time. The wooden furniture around the space gives the place a homey vibe.

Rumspringa Brewing Company, one of the best breweries in Philadelphia, is famous for its red caboose and seasonal ciders. The drinks’ warmth and fruity undertones are like a perfect hug in autumn. The place also occasionally offers wines for people looking for a change of taste.

Best Breweries in Pennsylvania With FoodPennsylvania is home to some notable, award-winning craft beer brewers. Here are some of the best ones with great food available too.

Victory Brewing Company Downingtown420 Acorn Ln, Downingtown, PA 19335, United States
(610) 873-0881The award-winning Victory Brewing Company Downingtown is the heart of Pennsylvania’s brewery scene and one of the largest craft breweries in Pennsylvania. The brewery has managed to manufacture numerous beer brands being shipped nationwide. The place brings the community of beer lovers together and also serves delicious appetizers to the incoming crowd.

The Victory Brewing Company’s HopDevil is the trendiest drink amongst the crowd of beer lovers. The citrus flavor combined with the sweetness of malt has 6.7% abv. The caramel undertones tone down the juiciness of the drink.

Mad Chef Craft Brewing2023 Miller Rd, East Petersburg, PA 17520, United States
(717) 690-2655Mad Chef Craft Brewing has an industrial style of interior design that complements the work done at the establishment perfectly. The place is also renowned for its incredible food, including Cheesesteak Empanadas. Live music and other forms of entertainment make the bar a hip joint for the crowd that wants to chill and hang out while enjoying a quality beer.

Mad Chef’s F-18 with 6.3% abv is a widely enjoyed beer. The hoppy beer is perfect for beer lovers and not highly bitter for the crowd getting into the beer scenes.

Bullfrog Brewery229 W 4th St, Williamsport, PA 17701, United States
(570) 326-4700Bullfrog Brewery is as trendy as a bar can get. The posh interior is still welcoming for the crowd of beer lovers while being a place where people enjoy live music and good food too. Their soups and sandwiches keep you filled while you gulp down the rich beer flavors.

The bar’s Weekender is a must-try for people who enjoy the traditional lager with the flavors of malt and hops. The brewed drink is famous among the locals and appreciated by tourists.

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