The Best Breweries In Springfield, MO

Located just an hour from the Ozarks, Springfield is commonly marketed as the quintessential American town. Laying claim to being the site of the first Old West shootout and the “Birthplace of Route 66,” it is definitely a town oozing Americana.

What may not have come up on your quick search of Springfield is that it is actually an emerging midwestern craft brewery hub. That’s why we’re here to help. Keep reading to discover all you need to know about the 7 essential breweries to check out in Springfield, MO!

The 7 Best Breweries in Springfield, MOAlthough there are well over a dozen craft breweries in the Springfield, MO area, there are 7 that are essential to include on any craft brewery tour of the area:

  • Show-Me Brewing
  • Wire Road Brewing Company
  • Tie & Timber Beer Co
  • Mother’s Brewing Company
  • Hold Fast Brewing
  • 4 By 4 Brewing Company
  • Great Escape Beer Works
  • Show-Me Brewing1925 E Bennett St., Springfield, MO 65804
    (417) 315-8617There aren’t many breweries out there quite like Show-Me Brewing. Not only is it a microbrewery, but it is also a home brew supply store. In addition, they have professional-grade brewing equipment that you can come and use, with an experienced brewing professional walking you step-by-step through the brewing process. Never has there ever been a more aptly named store located in the Show-Me state!

    If you are more interested in the drinking side of the craft brew industry, this is a favorite after-work stop for many Springfield locals. While they do not brew and bottle in large batches, you will find a varying selection of 10-gallon batches brewed daily, so you have to get there before they are all gone. Everyone LOVES the coconut porter, so if you are lucky enough to arrive when this toasty take on a winter classic is in rotation (and not all gone!), you are sure to be met with a drinking experience you won’t soon forget.

    Wire Road Brewing Company4453 S Timbercreek Ave., Battlefield, MO 65619
    (417) 512-7391Located about 10 miles south of downtown Springfield, Wire Road Brewing Company is one of the city’s favorite breweries just off the beaten path. While the establishment has over 12 brews regularly rotating on tap, it also offers beverages such as kombucha, seltzer, cider, wine, and wine slushes. A family-friendly business, the heated outdoor space, and lawn have room for up to 3 food trucks at all times, and there is even hot chocolate for the kids!

    Although there are many brews in Wire Road’s rotation worth giving a try, one that comes recommended by many visitors is the Limestone Cowboy. This carefully crafted kettle sour provides a distinct rush of tangy lime, providing a crisp refreshment for “cowboys” on a warm day. In addition, despite its distinction as a sour, drinkers note that the Limestone Cowboy is surprisingly smooth, making it one of the more crushable options in its genre.

    Tie & Timber Beer Co1451 E Cherry St., Springfield, MO 65802
    (417) 429-9131Making its residence in what was a lumberyard as early as 1918, Tie & Timber is framed by the Chadwick Branch of the Frisco Railway, spawning the catchy slogan “Ale on the Rails.” With a spacious outdoor patio, Tie & Timber is a favorite spot for Springfield locals to enjoy a brew while listening to live music. Patrons are encouraged to bring along their favorite fare to pair with any of the brewery’s 18 beers on rotation.

    A favorite beer among patrons–and pickle lovers–is the Dilly Lemon. As you can probably guess, this beer is sour. Starting with its sour base, Tie & Timber adds a blend of pickle juices that bring the salty, slightly spicy, and refreshing taste of a pickle to the forefront with each sip. Drinkers note that while the pickle notes are pronounced, they are far from overpowering, making this a very drinkable beer for pickle and sour fanatics alike.

    Mother’s Brewing Company215 S Grant Ave., Springfield, MO 65806
    (417) 862-0423With a motto of “Beer that every mother could love,” it would seem that Mother’s Brewing is rather proud of its offerings. But after looking around the taproom, it is easy to see that there is a lot to love. With 21 taps serving the freshest brews and a cozy, rustic interior that is the perfect locale for a laid-back evening of live music or trivia, Mother’s Brewing provides an environment of which all mothers would definitely approve.

    Amid the wide selection of craft brews on tap, the Lake Break Easy Drinking Ale gets mom’s seal of approval. This classic golden ale with a light body, mild sweetness and fruity hop profile provides the perfect pick-me-up when you’re needing a little of mama’s love. Whether you’re just getting off work or heading to the Ozarks for a weekend of relaxation, a Lake Break will be a welcome companion.

    Hold Fast Brewing235 N Kimbrough Ave., Springfield, MO 65806
    (417) 761-2318“Passion, courage, fear, and a little bit of crazy.” That is what Susan and Carol McLeod, sisters, owners, and master brewers at Hold Fast Brewing, believe it takes to make a successful brewery. To their credit, the philosophy seems to be working perfectly, as Hold Fast, making its home in a decommissioned fire station, applies the sisters’ principles of community, family, friendship, creativity, and love to offer more than a dozen craft brews on tap at all times, many of which have arisen from the sisters’ out-of-the-box home brewing experiments.

    Among the results of these experiments is the Downtown Double IPA. Dry-hopped with freshly pickled whole-leaf Amarillo hops, this malt-forward DIPA has a hoppy bite with floral and orangey citrus notes.

    4 By 4 Brewing Company2811 E Galloway St Suite A., Springfield, MO 65804
    (417) 861-6400Conveniently situated next to Sequiota Park, 4 By 4 Brewing is a preferred stop for outdoor enthusiasts just getting finished with a hike, run, or bike ride along Galloway Trail. With a catchy motto of “When life is a chore, grab a beer at 4 by 4” their taproom is perfect for any type of casual get-together after a day of exertion.

    In the spirit of refreshment, a favorite beer among patrons is the Parkside Pineapple. This New England-style IPA has generous amounts of hops added late in the brewing process to add a citrusy pineapple aroma that offers a refreshing flavor but packs more of a punch than other fruit-flavored beers.

    Great Escape Beer Works4022 S Lone Pine Ave., Springfield, MO 65804
    (417) 824-4043Great Escape was spawned from the big hearts of Jen and Jake Duensing. The couple met freshman year at Mizzou and spent most of their free time trying different beers and sharing and comparing notes. After moving to Colorado and becoming involved in homebrewing, Jen convinced Jake to start working on the canning line at a brewery, where he eventually ascended to head brewery. Taking their knowledge and passion for brewing back to the Ozarks, the Duensings opened Great Escape in 2017 to share their love of craft beer with all Missourians.

    At the top of their most popular beers on tap is the Wicked Peach Wheat. With a bold, peachy flavor that provides a moderately sweet finish, this unique take on a wheat beer mixes in a number of other refreshing flavors that make it difficult to stop at just one.

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