The Best Breweries In Virginia Beach, VA

If you love breweries and you live in Virginia Beach, you are probably wondering where you can go that offers great brews and a great atmosphere. So to help you find these breweries for you and your friends, I have compiled a list of some of the best breweries in Virginia Beach.

The main reason for visiting a brewery is to find the best craft beers and the best atmosphere to spend your time in. Here is a list of some of the best breweries in Virginia Beach.

The best breweries in Virginia Beach, VA:

  • Three Notch’d Craft Kitchen & Brewery
  • Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewing Co.
  • Vibrant Shore Brewing Company
  • The Bunker Brewpub
  • Reaver Beach Brewing
  • New Realm Brewing
  • So what makes these breweries the best at Virginia Beach and what type of atmosphere and drinks do they offer? Reading this article can help you determine which breweries are the best for what you are looking for and what they have to offer.

    Three Notch’d Craft Kitchen & Brewery4561 Virginia Beach BLVD., Virginia Beach, VA 23462
    (757) 916-8080The Three Notch’d Craft Kitchen & Brewery specialized in crafting local beer. They have a food menu that includes beer-inspired dishes that are complimentary to each season. With a full bar, this brewery offers southern classics as well as modernized items.

    There is a kid’s menu available at this brewery that makes it a family-friendly atmosphere. They also have vegetarian options and foods that are gluten-free.

    What Is Their Most Popular Drink?

    Since they use locally sourced products, the Three Notch’d Craft Kitchen & Brewery changes its menu based on the season. This may mean that items are not available except at certain times. This place is great for events and with freshly brewed beer and a family-friendly atmosphere, this is the best place to spend your time.

    One of the best-reviewed drinks that they offer is the Middle Head Belgian Dark Sour. There are other drinks that were recommended as well. These are the black ale and the Minute Man.

    Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewing Co.1805 Kempsville RD., Virginia Beach, VA 23464
    (757) 512-6430Back Bay Brewing Co. Virginia Beach, VA is part of different charities. They know that supporting local non-profits and community groups and organizations is important to help keep things running. By being part of charities, the Back Bay’s are able to help with art and culture as well as community development that may include water conservation and preserving the environment.

    When it comes to hosting a special or private event, this brewery offers what they call The Blind. This is a unique venue that is fully equipped to house and hosts private parties, gatherings of various types, art and paint nights, and even weddings.

    The Back Bay also has a tasting room. Other than their flagship beers, they have new recipes added all the time. Scheduling a visit to their tasting room will let you taste all the beers they have and any new flavors or mixes.

    What Is Their Most Popular Drink?

    They have a few drinks that are popular and have good reviews. One type of drink they offer is cider. There is also a great selection of beer, such as the orange crush and the pumpkin.

    Vibrant Shore Brewing Company505 18TH Street, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
    (757) 428-2949Vibrant Shore Brewing Company has adventurous and creativity to their flavors. They have American Ales and European lagers. They take the art of brewing to help promote and grow the local visual and acoustic art community.

    Vibrant Shore uses local ingredients to create nature-friendly brews and to help show love to the customers that visit as well as the community.

    Typically they have a food truck on the location that serves a favorite to the customers that attend this brewery. Vang’s serves not only a daily special but also sushi rolls and rice bowls. There are also quesadillas and ramen that are available as well.

    What Is Their Most Popular Drink?

    Although they have quite a few drinks on their menu, there is one that stands out for getting an award for Best in Show at the Dark Knight of Winter Festival in 2022. This drink is their Spectral Signature Milk Stout.

    The Bunker Brewpub211 21ST St., Virginia Beach, VA 23451
    (757) 227-4250The Bunker Brewpub first opened its doors in 2013 as Young Veterans Brewing Company. Being mostly Army Veterans, this brewery created over 60 different types of craft beers when they decided to enlist a new friend to bring something different and unique to Virginia Beach.

    The Bunker then went on to become a family-friendly restaurant that offered seafood and a taste of a southern coastal food menu. Their most famous menu item is the Virginia Beach Hot Chicken Sandwich.

    They also have live music and bands that you can enjoy while visiting The Bunker Brewpub.

    What Is Their Most Popular Drink?

    Since The Bunker has a small brewhouse, they are able to experiment with different ingredients to create fun new flavors. One favorite with good reviews is the Jet Noise.

    Reaver Beach Brewing1505 Taylor Farm Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23453
    (757) 563-2237Reaver Beach Brewing is one of the oldest breweries in Virginia Beach. Within their charming taproom, they have some of the most flavorful award-winning beers. The atmosphere here is very welcoming.

    The Reaver Beach also has a membership available for customers called the Crow’s Nest. This membership offers great perks, and each membership card includes six punches. Punch can be used for any one of their Growler or Grenade fill and a Crowler. They are also able to be used for a bottle or even a 4 pack of cans.

    There is an exclusive limited edition mug included with a purchase of membership as well as a mug that is kept at the brewery for use in the taproom. A t-shirt and 10% off certain items can go a long way with this brewery.

    What Is Their Most Popular Drink?

    The Reaver Beach Brewing distributes its beer to other bars and restaurants that are local in the Virginia Beach area. The most popular drink they have is the Hoptopus Double IPA and rare wild sour beers.

    They do offer many different options that you can choose from including their year-round menu. They have limited releases such as Hoptopus Prime and a small seasonal menu that has drinks such as Ghost Ship.

    New Realm Brewing1209 Craft LaneVirginia, VA 23454
    (757) 302-8550New Realm Brewing has an amazing menu option that includes local ingredients. They have an outdoor space that is great for outdoor seating. The outdoor space is also great for private events and live music.

    Other than the live music, this brewery also has movie nights outside in the beer garden for friends and family.

    They are big inspirations for new ways to think and brew their craft beers. They have a motto that says, “to never become stale in any sense of style”.

    What Is Their Most Popular Drink?

    Even though they have many options to choose from on their drink menu, their most popular drink is the award-winning pilsner, Euphonia.

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