The Filoukroket: the latest delicacy from Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck and Revi Food

Revi Food from Ostend is a producer of meal and meal components, ranging from preparations to croquettes. The food producer joined forces with Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck from Izegem to make the one and only Filoukroket.

Try to imagine a croquette with a rich filling of chicken, cheese, mushrooms, mustard and 24% Filou beer. Doesn’t sound wrong does it? “It took a while to find this composition, but after a lot of experimentation and tasting we found the perfect filling”, says Wim Quinet, owner of Revi Food.

The food producer has more than 30 years of experience in the fish sector and is also the specialist in the production of croquettes. “We did not yet have a croquette with a filling consisting of specialty beer in our range. Filou seemed to us the perfect candidate, given the strong bond between the Belgian regional beer and our home base of Ostend.”

Xavier Vanhonsebrouck, CEO of Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck from Izegem, explains further: “Our specialty beer Filou is already well represented in Ostend. For example, we are a proud sponsor of basketball club Filou Oostende and football club KV Oostende. We have also now linked the name Filou to the brand new Filou Sportsbar, which is located close to the stadiums of both teams and the swimming pool in Ostend.”

Joint branding

It is the second time this year that the family brewery of specialty beers has entered into a joint branding. “Our collaboration with LiQ, a start-up from Harelbeke that makes ice creams with alcohol, was a hit. The Vanilla Cherry Castle Rouge is a great success! We hope to achieve the same result with the Filoukroket.”

Revi Food already has the necessary expertise. About 30 years ago, it created the Ostend shrimp croquette based on fresh, local gray North Sea shrimp. Other classics followed, such as the cheese croquette. “We always choose the best ingredients so that we can offer the customer top quality croquettes. We also choose high-quality ingredients for the Filou croquette that go perfectly with the soft, bitter taste of Filou”, says Quinet of Revi Food.

“A rich filling of chicken, cheese, mushrooms, mustard and 24% Filou beer. Doesn’t sound wrong does it?

Hospitality and retail

Since the reopening of the terraces on Saturday 8 May, the brand new Filoukroquettes have been on the menu of Michelles Pub & Brasserie. “Our own brewery pub is the perfect place to introduce our new delicacy to the general public. In the meantime, our chefs have already been able to prepare a lot of plates with Filoucroquettes”, laughs Vanhonsebrouck.

Other catering entrepreneurs can also offer the Filoucroquettes in their business. All orders go through Seastorm, Revi Food’s catering brand. Under that brand, they supply a selection of high-quality products directly to the catering owner. “In the long run, however, we hope to involve other partners in the story as well”, says Revi Food.

“Later, we want to expand sales to retail so that people can also enjoy a Filoukroket at home. We will start again in our own shop, the Bierboutique, where you can also buy the Kasteel Rouge ice cream from LiQ, for example,” adds Vanhonsebrouck.


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