The Green Killer: an IPA tasting

The Green Killer is an India Pale Ale (IPA). It is a high fermentation beer of English origin. IPAs were developed in the eighteenth century for export, especially to supply British colonial troops in India. They contain more alcohol and especially more hops than other ales. Hops with sanitizing properties, the addition of hops in quantity allowed a better conservation of beer during a journey of several months by boat. In the late 1980s, some craft brewers in the United States revived the manufacture of IPA (notably in California). This trend of the IPA has arrived in Europe in recent years. IPA is usually a lager with more bitterness and a more aromatic and fruity side given by hops (the Green Killer combines several varieties of hops). Some varieties of hops are known to have hints of grapefruit and tropical fruits. The Green Killer is an IPA, with a pronounced bitterness, but not too strong. It is a beer of tasting very pleasant to drink in case of big thirst. A beer that is particularly suitable when the sun comes back. Highly spring and summer!

Green Killer

Color: blonde

Density: 6.5% vol. Ingredients: water, pale malt, sugar, yeast, Kent hops, Hallertau, Columbus, Cascade, Ahtanum and Styrian.

To be served between 5 ° and 8 °

Packaging: 33 cl bottles and 20L barrels


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