The Low Countries discover American sports culture through Kasteel Nitro

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The Super Bowl is a household name in the world of sports. This event also rings a bell for us, even though American football is not very well known in our region. We are happy to change that. In fact, Kasteel Nitro is bringing the American sports culture to the Low Countries.
Making Belgium and the Netherlands fall in love with
American football – that’s the goal of the Kasteel Nitro’s from Izegem. How they aim to achieve that, you ask? Read on to find out!

What is Kasteel Nitro?

Kasteel Nitro is the collective name of our 5 Nitro Infused Kasteel beers. What does Nitro Infused mean?

  • After filling the cans, the brewer (*) adds a shot of nitrogen to the beer.
  • Before opening the can, you need to shake it three times to activate the nitrogen.
  • The result? A creamy beer that seemingly melts on the tongue.

Explosive yet soft in character, just like the American football players of the Kasteel Nitro’s.

(*) No, our brewer doesn’t add a shot of nitrogen one can at a time. We’ve got an automatic canning line for that. Phew!

“Kasteel Nitro is explosive yet soft in character, just like the American football players of the Kasteel Nitro’s.

Izegem Tribes is rebaptised Kasteel Nitro’s

Izegem is not only our home base, it is the home base of an American football club too. The club Izegem Tribes kicked off the 2022 season with a new name:

  • Kasteel Nitro’s.
  • Name sponsor: Kasteel Nitro!
  • Chairman: Willem Demuynck
  • League: BNL League

The BNL League is made up of Belgian and Dutch American football clubs. The club’s new name creates a link with the United States of America, the cradle of football.

  • Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck brews Nitro Infused specialty beers, which are sold on the American market and beyond, in cans.
  • Our subsidiary Kasteel USA is in charge of importing the nitro beers.
  • As such, Brouwerij has introduced the Belgian beer culture in the States. Conversely, Kasteel USA is introducing the American sports culture in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Out and about with coach Wil

Make American Football great in Belgium and the Netherlands. That is the motto of the Kasteel Nitro’s and by extension of the BNL League. And to get people excited about American sports, we’ve asked coach Wil to hit the road.

  • Wilfredo Blanco is the defensive coordinator of the Kasteel Nitro’s.
  • During this stay in Izegem he visited our brewery.
  • He taught us all about American Football, and we taught him all about our Nitro beers.

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