The Musketeers presents the first beer of new series Bucketlist beers

11 Apr The Musketeers presents first beer of new series Bucketlist beers Posted on 09: 13h in News by Kristy Jacobs 0 Comments 0 Likes The Belgian brewery The Musketeers is launching a brand new series in the run-up to the opening of its new brewery in Waasland at the end of 2018 in her range. The Bucketlist Series is a series of beers that are strikingly different: limited in circulation, crafty in taste and at the same time very well thought out. The series is the personal bucket list of the brewers, with which they want to treat the beer lover to a surprising taste experience.

Naughty Theresa May “What’s the naughtiest thing you ever did?” . That question was asked by a journalist from ITV News to British Prime Minister Theresa May. She was somewhat surprised by this question, but replied spontaneously that as a child she ran through the wheat fields with her friends, and that the farmers were not too happy with it.

This statement was the inspiration for the name from the first Bucketlist beer from Brouwerij The Musketeers. “The names of the beers of the Bucketlist Series refer to wishes that people have on their personal wish list. As a madman walking through a wheat field, something is typical: it gives you a feeling of freedom, but at the same time you are also rushed because it is still a bit naughty. “, Says brewer Stefaan Soetemans.

“Nobody is ever perfectly behaved, are they?” Theresa May about the most naughty thing she has ever done in her life (in a hilarious movie) …

Beer description Run Through A Field Of Wheat is a hoppy wheat IPA. The beer is slightly cloudy, pale blond and has an alcohol content of 6%. The typical completeness of wheat beers is combined with a mild bitterness of 35 IBU. The aroma is spicy / hoppy due to the combination of the typical wheat flavor and the floral citrus character of the hopping used.

Brewers talking “As brewers we are always into something hoppy, preferably in an unexpected combination. Run Through A Field Of Wheat makes that original link: floral and citrus-like, and at the same time the wheat that feeds through. “Press questions or interviews? Stefaan Soetemans
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