The secrets of making cherry beer

News from the Brasserie de Silly Return to NewsThe secrets of making cherry beer Cherry beer, also known as Kriek, is a summer drink appreciated for its fruity and refreshing taste. You are probably wondering how this delicious concoction is made? In this article, we reveal the secrets of making cherry beer, while highlighting our Silly Kriek, a unique beer that will delight lovers of fruity flavors.

1. Choosing the cherriesThe first crucial step in making Kriek is the meticulous selection of the cherries. To obtain an authentic and intense taste, we opt for superior quality cherries, carefully picked at their optimal ripeness. These cherries give the beer its beautiful red color and deliciously fruity flavor.

2. The harmonious mixtureOnce the cherries are selected and transformed into juice, the mixture is carried out with precision to obtain the perfect balance between white beer and cherry juice. This delicate step ensures that each sip offers a sublime taste experience, combining the sweetness of white beer with the captivating aroma of cherry.

3. FermentationAfter mixing, the beer undergoes controlled fermentation. This step is essential to develop flavors and aromas, while ensuring a creamy foam that tops this delicious drink.

4. The result: Kriek, an unforgettable taste experience. Thanks to this clever combination of white beer and cherry, Kriek is born. Its bright red color catches the eye, while its fruity and balanced taste seduces the taste buds. This beer delights lovers of fruity beers by offering an incomparable summer experience.

Cherry beer is a wonderful brewing creation that combines know-how and passion to offer an extraordinary taste experience. Our Silly Kriek is the perfect example of this excellence. By selecting the best cherries and controlling each step of the manufacturing process, we have been able to create a cherry beer that appeals to the most demanding palates. Whether you are a fan of fruity beers or simply curious to discover new flavors, Silly Kriek is an essential option to fully enjoy summer with an authentic and refreshing beer.


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