The Van Steenberge Brewery introduces unique tasting glass

For quite some time now, the brewery has been looking for the ideal glass for smelling, tasting and drinking its beer. A glass that allows optimal assessment of colour, clarity, foam and taste.



The balanced shape of the glass accentuates the foam, the aroma and the tastes of the beer. The narrower neck shows off the sparkling beer with its beautiful head and fabulous aroma. The glass is suitable for tasting up to 15 cl but also for everyday beer enjoyment up to 20 cl. The result of our search is an attractive glass which is pleasing to the eye and which also suits the tastes of our female fans.


Carefully chosen message

The new glass is adorned with the message ‘Enjoy the dynamic flavours of 6 generations of passionate brewing’. And that is not just any old message! First of all, the brewery thinks it is important for people to enjoy the beer, just as we enjoy brewing it. Dynamic, on the one hand, refers to our on-going expansion and, on the other hand, to our dynamic, top-fermenting beers with secondary fermentation in the bottle, which ensure a unique taste evolution, the flavours, in other words. Passionate like the brewery. An entire team that loves what they do, generation after generation, day-in and day-out, brew after brew.


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