There’s Even More Linda Loves Bingo! Coming To The Tasting Room

NEWSByTim Rozmus

MON OCT 4There’s Even More Linda Loves Bingo! Coming To The Tasting RoomLove Bingo? Love drag? Always looking for something to do on Mondays? We have good news— our friend Linda Simpson of the renowned Linda Loves Bingo! has attracted such a devoted following in our Tasting Room that we’re scheduling two games a month through the end of the year!

If you don’t already know, Bingo queen Linda has been gracing our Tasting Room with her action-packed version of everyone’s game of chance for several months. There’s plenty of laughs, incredible drag, and unbelievable prizes every round, including a Brooklyn Brewery Grand Prize at the end. All you have to do is pay $10 for your first beer and a Bingo card, and you’re in on the fun for the whole night.

Linda Loves Bingo! kicks off our end-of-year Bingo bash with a very special Halloween edition game on Sunday, October 31, followed by games on the second and fourth Mondays of November and December:

Sunday, October 31: Special Halloween Edition
Monday, November 8
Monday, November 22
Monday, December 13
Monday, December 27

Grab your Bingo crew and come join the fun!


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