Three “PALentine’s Day” ideas for you and yours!

Three “PALentine’s Day” ideas for you and yours!

Three “PALentine’s Day” ideas for you and yours! February 9, 2018

PALentine’s Day is coming up. It takes place every year on feBREWary 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day.

What’s the purpose of PALentine’s Day? Users of the ever-reliable source for up-to-date definitions of new lingo, Urban Dictionary, describe it as the day you spend “hanging out with your best friends, eating pizza, watching movies, and playing video games.”

The editors at Urban Dictionary left out one crucial element to a successful PALentine’s Day: Beer.

Fortunately for you, PALentine’s Day falls smack dab in the middle of feBREWary, a mid-winter celebration of craft beer that introduces a new Beau’s beer each week.

Surprise your PALentine this year with one of the following:

  • Cherry Revue, our week two #feBREWary beer
  • Take your PALentine out to one of our #feBREWary pub and restaurant partners and treat them to a tart, tangy and fruity cherry gose! Here’s a full list of spots you can take ’em throughout Ontario and Québec.

    2. Better yet, take your PALentine out to Vankleek Hill! Book a #feBREWary weekend bus trip (celebrate early — or late!) and have a yourselves grand old time. Forget your love-life troubles by boarding a bus full of fun-loving beer-lovers! Compete against each other in the stein hold struggle, and dance to the tunes of DJ Law.

    3. Treat them to a home-cooked meal. Our vegan coconut curry recipe has been getting rave reviews. Surprise your bestie with a delicious meal to share.

    Bonus! Surprise them with tickets to Beau’s St. Patrick’s Party in Ottawa! 

    Whatever you and your PALentine get up to, be sure to let ’em know what they mean to you. Share the love! It’s that time of year.


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