Top 10 Things Tess is Grateful for at SRB in 2016

 Top 10 Things Tess is Grateful for at SRB in 2016Tess is our newest employee in the sales and marketing division. She worked in the front of house for quite a while before transitioning to her current role. Snake River Brewing is lucky to have great employees who can shift between departments! She now organizes events, runs tastings, goes on sales trips, AND writes blogs! We are a talented bunch. Tess put together a list of the top 10 things she is grateful for at Snake River Brewing… enjoy!

10. Local Support

While Jackson Hole keeps growing and more tourists find their way to our small mountain town, we continue to maintain our local support. With new restaurants and bars opening up all the time we are so incredibly thankful for our loyal customers. Whether they are a member of the rowdy ‘mug club,’ a dart/foosball expert, competitive corn-holer or families who like to come in for dinner, we could not be successful if it weren’t for your support. We love you guys!


9. Super Fun Front of House Employees

SRB is proud to have one of the coolest/most fun/awesome crews in the valley. We can’t say enough good things about our front of house staff. They all work hard, play harder and make the brewpub the fun environment that we all know and love. BIG shout out to the SRB team for coming in 2nd this past summer in the ULTRA competitive Jackson Hole kickball league–quite the turnaround from only winning 3 games (yikes!) two summers ago. Pretty sure we have new captain, Maeva Waterman to thank for that one. SRB, SRB!

     Our infamous kickball team!

8. Our Awards

Speaking of competition, we have to brag a little… At this year’s North American Brewers Association awards we took home a bronze for our Jenny Lake Lager, two silvers for our Hoback Hefe and Speargun Coffee Milk Stout, and a gold for our Zonker Stout. At the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) we won silver for our Old Keller Alt beer. Check out our sweet shirts that we wore to the awards ceremony!!

         accepting our award at the GABF

7. Facilitating Fun

Lets be honest–being a part of a brewery is super cool. We get to throw giant shindigs throughout the year like our St. Patty’s, Oktoberfest and Christmas Sweater parties. Not to mention we are lucky enough to be premium sponsors at all the Jackson Hole Live shows throughout the summer and at all the Moose Hockey games during the winter. We are happy to be able to provide the party for whatever, whenever!

St. Patty’s day fun!

Oktoberfest outfits!

6. Kickass Kitchen Staff

Though people know us for our award-winning brews, we are also proud to serve some of the best food in Jackson. Head Chef Ryan “Mambo” Brogan has set the standards high in the kitchen–with a commitment to using organic and local products. We have our own bakery in the back and all of our breads & desserts are created in house using only 100% organic flour.We even have a cool arrangement with the local Mead Ranch–we give them our spent grain to feed their cattle, which we then buy back in hamburger meat! Watch a cool video about it here.

only a small portion of our awesome kitchen crew

5. Our Distributors

There is no way that we would get the amount of tap handles and recognition around town and in other beer markets if it weren’t for our hard working distributors. They work tirelessly to ensure our product is at the right spot at the right time. They go the extra mile to make our brand successful, and for that we are incredibly grateful. Big shout out to our Jackson distributor, Osprey Beverages! As well as Cardinal, BRJ, Golden Eagle, Western Wyoming, Western Casper, Teton, Tanager, Freemont, Mountain Beverage, Union Beer and Intermountain.

4. Our Competition

At this year’s Great American Beer Festival, Wyoming had the most awards per entries out of any state in the US. We are stoked to see Wyoming being acknowledged for their great beer. Even though we’ve been around for 22 years, its cool to be a part of an up and coming craft beer scene within the state! We have a lot of respect for other breweries in our own community especially Roadhouse, Grand Teton Brewing, Melvin, and Wildlife Brewing. Having neighbors who make great beer forces SRB to step up our game and brew our best! For that, we thank you.

Plus, we are all still friends! SRB and Roadhouse have teamed up to throw a Sour Beer Funk Fest on February 19th, 2017 featuring funky band, The Motet. Tickets on sale now!

Tess hanging with the Grand Teton crew!

3. Family Owned and Operated

The entire 22 years Snake River Brewing has been open we have always remained a family owned and operated brewery. We are incredibly lucky to have a family that gives so much back to the local community and the SRB community.

2.Our Brewers

The best thing about a brewery is obviously the beer. We couldn’t enjoy the beer if it weren’t for our brewers. This past year one of our oldest brewers (not in age, just longevity at the pub [ed. note – he is pretty old though…]), Rudy Borrego stepped into the role of Head Brewer! SRB was also lucky enough to gain a few newbies– resident goofball Reed Sparks and our favorite Kiwi, Bjorn Arndt. Look out for their new “Peg-Leg Vanilla Porter” coming soon! Brewers–we want to thank you for keeping the classics consistent and for always opening up our minds to new possibilities of beer!


Rudy as a young(er) man

Bjorn-o and Rita

1. Living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

We love our beer, our team, our parties, but most of all we love our home. Jackson Hole means something different to each person who lives here but everyone can agree it is an incredibly special place. The activities, the mountains, the people, the scenery–everything about this valley is pretty amazing. We are so lucky to call this beautiful place home.

Jackson is so ugly

and there is nothing to do here…

Bring on 2017, SRB is ready for another great year!

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