Top fermentation vs. Low fermentation: discover the secret behind our exceptional beers

News from the Brasserie de Silly Back to News Top fermentation vs. Bottom fermentation: discover the secret behind our exceptional beers Fermentation is one of the crucial steps in the beer brewing process, and it can be broken down into two main categories: top fermentation and bottom fermentation. Both of these methods have a significant impact on the character, taste, and aromas of beer, primarily due to the different temperature ranges at which they take place.

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of top and bottom fermentation, highlighting the subtleties of each method. Plus, we’ll examine how Brasserie de Silly leverages these techniques to create exceptional beers that embody the very essence of brewing Belgium.

1. Top fermentation: the magic of fruity flavors at high temperaturesTop fermentation is a traditional method that uses specific yeast strains capable of working at temperatures between 15°C and 24°C. This higher temperature range allows the yeast to produce esters and phenols, which generally give top-fermented beers more fruity, spicy, and complex flavor profiles. Top-fermented beers are often associated with styles such as Belgian ales.

At Brasserie de Silly, we have mastered the art of top-fermentation to create memorable beers like Silly Saison, Silly Blanche, Silly Triple Bio and Silly Triple Swaf. Each of these beers embodies the rich fruity and spicy flavors typical of top fermentation.

2. Bottom fermentation: freshness and lightness at cool temperatures Bottom fermentation, on the other hand, takes place at significantly lower temperatures, generally between 7°C and 13°C. This method creates lighter, crisper beers that are characterized by their freshness and drinkability.

At Brasserie de Silly, we also explore bottom fermentation to create beers such as Silly Pils and Silly Bio. These beers give you a refreshing and light experience, thanks to cooler fermentation temperatures.

3. The Art of Balance What really sets Brasserie de Silly apart is our ability to master both fermentation methods to create balanced and delicious beers that suit a variety of preferences. We know how to play with yeasts, malts and hops at different temperatures to create flavor profiles that amaze and delight!

Top fermentation and bottom fermentation are two distinct approaches to brewing beer. beer, each offering unique characteristics, in particular thanks to their specific temperature ranges. At Brasserie de Silly, we embrace both of these methods to produce a diverse range of exceptional beers. Whether you prefer the fruity, spicy flavors of top fermentation or the crisp freshness of bottom fermentation, we have a beer that will satisfy your palate.

Join us in exploring these flavors and discover the secrets that make our beers so special, expertly crafted at precise temperatures for every style!


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